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I don't think so like ten minutes. The least i guess what. I'm realizing that i was like to me. No offense but your family and the money stuff is like the least interesting thing about you. is that insulting. No okay actually love hearing that because everyone says like oh inheritance your dad your mom like. Oh my gosh. I didn't really quick. If i just a tiny little rant because you said something about like oh well you got yeah. It was like nine hundred zero. And then i saw like people accused of nepotism or whatever. It's like do you. How many famous siblings are a fucking. It never happened to them. Like what are you like google chat. Hanks okay do you know how many lease this name. Chad hanks yeah. He speaks in patois and wraps. He's do you know. Do you know this. do you know about them. What are we talking about. This is one of tom heinsohn. His son is another one. Oh my god wait okay so just if you guys want to say that nepotism has why anybody got anything as if that's the only thing that matters as if you don't have to be talented i don't know what i'm looking at Okay this is hem colonies could know colin. Hanks is is delight yes chat. Hangs this one right here. We go big up the whole island massive chattanooga coming from that golden glove dinovite tall amongst position. And what school. In china like so. It's just that just drives me nuts because as someone that has like known a lot of people don't wanna brag known and dated a lot of people in and out of mary's rehabs in los angeles like celebrity kids are not known for like showing up in being able to fucking hit something out of the park and create an iconic character. You know so i just. I was getting so defensive annoyed about that And and then to me. That's just like the mo the least interesting part of you was like having you over okay. If i don't ask her about anything against i i just kinda wanna talk to her about animals and migraines and boobs. Oh yeah so off the bus. So how many animals do you currently have. I didn't know but my friend counted. Twenty nine twenty nine animals so our everyone you think. No i mean i. Animal control sometimes listens to this bypass they about. I was feeding my dear and they did show up Are you kidding. No because i do. I am above the legal limit. But i am getting a kennel license without the little loophole. Yeah i know. One of my dad's i'll help you. I got it. So do you know of the twenty nine animals. The breakdown at all. Yeah of yeah. Yeah hung do. We have romney. Just because you're one of it when i during okay go during the bulls. Guyer's i rescued a pig. I had no idea what i was signing up for. It was one of those like Abuse like starved teacup pigs. That's the only way they stay small. There's no many there is not such as they don't them. They starve them in there. No that all over instagram and like so people would buy these little mini pigs that they saw an instagram for five thousand dollars that they thought were going to be little pocket like troas and then they go home and feed them to cheerios and all of a sudden they've got a pig in. There never have done that..

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