Christine Blasey Ford hasn't heard from FBI, lawyer says


This newly ordered FBI investigation of supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh. Remember, this is the probe in which according to President Trump. The F B I has free rein. Well, now, we're learning about the list of witnesses suggested by Senate Republicans, and apparently neither judge Cavin. I nor Christine Blasi Ford are on that list. Excuse me. They are not expected to be interviewed despite Dr Ford's attorneys telling reporters that they have reached out several times, and that they want Dr four to talk to the FBI, however, just a short time ago confirmation that investigators did speak today with this woman. Deborah Ramirez, another woman who accuses judge Kavanagh's sexual misconduct, but who did not give testimony on Capitol Hill. A source close to the FBI investigation says Ramirez today gave agents the names of other witnesses right cavenaugh strongly denies the accusations from both Ramirez and four now as for whether the FBI will have quote free rein at least two sources close to the investigation are doubting. That CNN was told today that the White House is working closely with Senate Republicans to steer the FBI investigation and keep its scope as narrow as possible White House. Correspondent for Sanchez is with us now Boris one makes those sources believe. So strongly that the FBI is actually working under some restriction. We'll those sources are indicating of the way that this process is playing out the White House, which was essentially compelled to launch this investigation by Zona Senator Jeff flake is sort of guiding the process, according to these sources of the White House with input from some Senate Republicans is maintaining that the focus should exclude certain subjects that judge break. Cavanaugh was grilled on during his Thursday testimony before the Senate Judiciary committee. Those sources are indicating that only a handful of interviews are going to take place of that questions about a brick Kevin was drinking habits in high school will be avoided something that Democrats again pressed him on during his testimony. Once the FBI concludes their investigation their interviews with the subjects they will end pass along the information to the White House. They don't come up with any conclusions themselves. Ultimately, what we're hearing from sources is that typically, that's the way this. Procedure is carried out, but some Democrats are raising red flags notably Senator Amy klobuchar of who definitely pressed judge Cavanaugh during the confirmation process. She's concerned that the White House may be having too much input. And exactly what the FBI is going to be asking. Now press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked about this on one of the Sunday morning talk shows, she says that the White House doesn't want to micromanage the FBI, but she didn't answer. Whether she knew if White House counsel, Don Mcgann, had specifically indicated to the FBI that they should interview certain people or not or if he could ask certain questions or not she said, she didn't know, and what does the word from President Trump about these developments is he saying anything about this investigation now in its third day. President Trump went in on Twitter yet again today already launching attacks at Democrats suggesting that they won't be happy, regardless of what the results of this investigation shows. Does he wrote quote? Wow. Just starting to hear the Democrats were only thinking of struck and delay are starting to put

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