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7 22. And it is time for around one of your boner voting. Here we go. Three new stories. These are examples of bad, stupid or funny human behavior and you'll decide with your votes of these three candidates, which one is the worst. Which one deserves to go forward to Boehner, fighting possibly become boner of the day. If it wins here. It's not boner of the day. Yet it will go up against the winner of Round two's voting. Round two happens at 8 20 with three more three different candidates. We get a waiter there. We take both of our winners. We put them against each other at 9 20 this morning is when you will decide Boner of the day for today. Between those two champions. And then Dave. The flower guy comes in and tells us who boner of the week is. Cause its Friday. All right, So let's get round one out of the way. Here we go. Two candidates now a third after the news once you for all through your votes, and one of you lucky random boner voters will receive Your name added to the list of 300 plus radio from hell. Friends of the program that air anxiously awaiting the notification that it's time to come pick up. You can't buy it. Gotta win it radio from hell Boner T shirt, those those anxiously awaiting except for those, of course, who passed Because it's been such a long I wouldn't be surprised. All right. Here's boner. Candidate number one. No. I don't think we'll do that. The organizer's Well, it says here in the Salt Lake Tribune, the alleged Organizers of the Halloween Party and Utah County. That didn't enforce masks or social distancing as covert 19 cases were Spiking our are asking the public. Hmm. To help them pay fines and legal fees that they accrued as a result of that. Eric Little of Sandy and Tanner Valerio of Bluffdale, the owners of party company. The tribe, Utah were each issued $10,000 fines by Utah County Health Department for the party. The company got its own $10,000 Fine. Samuel NEA Me. Co owner of party company, Young and Dumb LLC. Received $10,000 fines for himself in his company brand in the Strada, who police alleged was working as a DJ at the event. Also, Ah find, um The four men were charged with miss Misdemeanors by the Utah County attorney's office. David Levitte in particular. While I fully understand the desire together, we have a responsibility to our neighbors, Families, friends, health, welfare. We knowingly violating this was spreading. Coben did it on purpose. They knew that I feel not bad for these fines at all. But they're asking they're asking for you. You and me and people who support their cause to pay these fines for them. There should be not one donation to this campaign. That's ridiculous. That's why I entitled this boner candidate. Number one. No, I don't think we'll do that. His boner candidate number two Women make our meetings too long. But you sure Omori President of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, resigned today. A little over a week after he unleashed a firestorm by suggesting that the meetings of the Olympic committees were too long. Because women talk too much. Whoa. Really? Yeah, his resignation. Followed unrelenting international criticism of this sexist remarks, which presented another challenge to Japan's efforts to carry off the proposed games amid a pandemic. No successor to Mr Mori was named. At a news conference Friday evening. Toshiro Muto, chief executive of the organizing committee, said this election committee would be formed to choose a new president as soon as possible. But I don't think we'll have any women on that committee because we want this. Oh, I mean No, He didn't say that. Um Mr Mori, who was 83 years old. And a former prime minister of Japan, made the offensive remarks after an executive meeting on February 3rd during the session, which was a streamlined or streamed online. He addressed efforts to increase female representation. On the panel by expressing he said, Okay, I used there aren't many women on our committee year, but I'm afraid if we add women that James will drag on the meeting, he said the meetings will drag on. And the women will compete with each other to see who can speak the longest. Do you get them together? That this guy is a Japanese in party is what we're Um, Mr Morris suggested by the way that he did not agree with the criticism leveled against him, saying that he had been misinterpreted. I didn't mean it in that way, Although it was said to me discriminating against women. I have been praising women promoting them to speak out more. You know, But just not in these committee meetings where they speak too Long Boner Candidate number two women make our meetings too long. Going up in a moment. Boner candidate number three Wait for this one. Because you because you got to keep your women in line. You gotta get your woman in life. Now. I gotta find that drop and I can't remember what I put it under All right. So we got wrong. We've got to Boehner, Candidate number three for round one coming up after this big boy news and opinion window brought to you by save up to $190 off Michelin tires Get free installation this week only with financing options available only at your locally owned and operated big O tires. The team you trust Tragedy. He was one of the kind on original. He will be missed. It's a name you probably know, but unless you're a real Die hard fan of the kind of music you may not really know him. Chick Corea, renowned jazz pianist and composer, has died. Korea died from a rare form of cancer that was discovered only recently, according to a statement on his Web site. He was a beloved husband, father and grandfather. And a great mentor and friend to many musicians, Red statement his body of work and the decades he spent touring. The world he touched and inspired the lives of millions. Over a career that spanned about 50 years. Chick Corea worked with Most of the big names in jazz. How do you How do you spell his name? It's chicks just like You know, C h i C k. But Korea is CEO are Chick Corea. He worked with Zephyr a million years ago. You saw him work with Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Mann, Miles Davis. And one the most Grammys off any jazz artist 22 23. This is what my house sounds like in the evenings. Really? Yeah. Wow. So you guys all walk around half asleep before my husband walks in the door at the end of the day? This is playing really? And this Bruce Springsteen thing. Yeah..

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