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For the last four years about fifteen twenty percent a year and most of the other brands were suffering terribly. Now a lot of the big brands the CPT's have started a pivot at this category. And they're getting she consumer patterns packaged goods companies have started to really pivot into this category. In a good way. And they are cleaning up their products. That's part of our mission. Right is to really it's also to bring them along really change the food system because a lot of what they're looking at us through the rear view mirror. We keep looking forward. How to completely lift our standards over year when you talk about being sustainable, I think about some of the effects of climate change that we've seen recently has there been anything yet that has forced you to change your supply chains as a result to as a result of a change in weather. Absolutely. We're always looking for partners. Whether it's the farms, we source from or whether it's a particular vendors that we choose that are dedicated the same values that we're dedicated to. So for example, we we have a line of very successful organic. Snacks. Chickpea snacks were the only ones that are fair trade certified we have a dark chocolate dark chocolate CHAI. I brought them for you and him to to try to sample. We also look very carefully at what are their standards around labor. What are their standards in their facilities, and we do audits on them? So we're very careful with that. We also think that you know, we we've been changing our packaging, and there's a big movement towards more environmental packaging as well is the is the halal food more expensive because we talk about organic food being more expensive than non-organic food. Is there a real price point difference? Hal is not quite there yet because kosher is because when the kosher certifiers fires and the truth the scholars came here. They did it. A wise thing forty fifty years ago, they set some standards right now, there's a lot of different standards. I think Paula early stages even though it's a pretty huge market. So I think once they set those standards will start to see the price movement upward. But right now, there's a slight premium. It's not really significant more significant is really the natural Aghanistan ability. Thank you so much for being with us. Really, a pleasure having you at non Durrani founder and chief executive of saffron road longtime entrepreneur and and traveler and really the flavor is getting into stores around the country and around the world. Pam definitely interesting to sort of see how even if there is sort of more protectionist rhetoric. There is more expensive taste for different cultural foods. So that's something that is sort of a uniting factor..

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