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Year for state expenses including staff races and building renovations experts call the practice troubling because money being spent from a private funds isn't subject to open records laws that it gives wealthy candidate Sen ed Shepard square spokesperson defended the practice saying the Democrats believe Illinois and are worth investing in its important point out the governor Bruce Rauner also spent some of his own money for St expansion expenditures president trump is speaking out against what he describes as the carnage of flitting civilians in a rebel stronghold in Syria he wrote in a tweet this morning that Russia Syria and Iran are killing or on their way to killing thousands of civilians in a certain province that's the last rebel held bastion in Syria the province has been subjected to an intense air and ground bombardment by government forces that is displaced many civilians toward the Turkish border but a month ago Syrian governor government forces launched a renewed effort to take the province someone who bought a lucky day Lotto ticket in lake Zurich on Christmas Eve could be two hundred thousand dollars richer winning ticket that matched all five numbers was sold at the marathon gas station and the eleven hundred block of south old rand road the winner is yet to step for the gas station will get two thousand dollars for selling that ticket WGN sports bad news for the Blackhawks the team physician announcing that defenseman Brent Seabrook will undergo two surgeries that will end his season shoulder surgery which will undergo tomorrow hip surgery in early January meanwhile defenseman Calvin de Haan also set to undergo season ending sort shoulder surgery tomorrow Blackhawks does the New York Islanders more pre game with Chris voted seven o'clock face off seven thirty John Wiedeman and Troy Murray on the call on seven twenty WGN and WGN radio dot com in about an hour pregame starts up for Louisiana tech against Miami in the independence bowl and we will have that give for you right here at seven twenty WGN as well your body on WGN let's take a look at the numbers from this business report the Dow up fifty points nasdaq is up fifty five as a B. five hundred up ten Devic's down just a fraction of a point pretty much even today prices at the mercantile exchange nearby cattle contract trading op but wanted innate sense of the nearby hog contract trading but two tenths of a cent trends in today's grain trade weed is up corn is up soy beans up as well we'll have settlement prices coming for you in an hour from.

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