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I've tried to go through a few teams and just try and pull kohl's you know first they said all right what about what about michigan state but they are eight in two in the week following the michigan game the last 10 years so i go i think if they lose it would be more because you're minnesota comes out in that that lines a little funky as well uh all burn i dunno lsu looks terrible but i think all it will be ready i kind of settled on ntt state here just because of the similarity to try to find similarities between what you saw last week in in norman and what might happen this week member last week iowa stay didn't have their starting quarterback roles into norman takes doubt oklahoma with a jew coach transfer linebacker playing quarterback as well this week max brown out for the season for pay they got benvenuti their quarterback for pay and you always look at what the spot is for a team in oklahoma it was awful by but it was the week before the texas great right where's this game for nc state it's sandwiched between the lieu of will win an notre dame next week so if there is a if there's a chance again i don't know who bend the new cheers i've never seen him play before i'm not gonna look at a fake it till i make others feel still stash book hit that he will notice the new she had to starts last week and i don't know i've let's a terrible pills still but i believe there's a chance there with that noon kick off your role in it and you don't know who this quarterback is pits not a very good team at all this year maybe that's a chance for a slip up there talking about a noon game kickoff at hindes field not necessarily known for its rabid college football crowds.

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