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Quick question with Benita, ashtrays. I've got six thirty six inch box Benita planted about two years ago didn't do any pruning over the wintertime. They've all leafed out. Unfortunately, I've got a lot of low growing branches is it too late Trimble's lower branches to get a little bit of a better canopy going for. It would be better to go ahead and do it now than to wait. So you. For the rest of the year. So you're going to print it up now Benita ashes a smaller more compact ash than most the other varieties. It was came from a friend of mine Lewis Richardson over in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and the very first ones lined driveway. But it's not going to be as large an ashes like a fan Tech's fan west or those other bigger ones. So it's going to be a tree that pretty much maturity is about twenty by twenty. Okay. It tends to be a little bit lower wider more mushroom canopy with a nice rounded top on it. So you'll want to prune those branches up when they're young and kind of stay with keeping them up because the tendency for the tree is to grow a little lower, canopy great. Thank you very much Bye-bye. Next up. We've got Wayne in Phoenix. Good morning, Wayne. Good morning. How are you today? Great, sir. I've got a neighbor who's got yucca a banana, yucca? And they're offering me the opportunity to take some cuttings. But I don't know. Exactly what the right processes? I'm sure they're not as tolerant as prickly pear. So what is the proper way to take a cutting from yucca banana, yucca basically, kind of coming up multi from the ground. They want to split some of those off the side or. Yes. Okay. So just take a sharp knife. Or actually these easiest thing to do. It was probably a sharp shooter shovel, you know, one of the ones with the blade about four inches wide and eighteen inches long. Okay. Cut straight down if you can cut straight down separate off at the bottom and catch a little bit of route with it. The best. And then on the leaves on the portion, you take take most all the leaves off just clip them off all around the sides and just leave like half a dozen long mature leaves up on the top if you'd like even clip those in half, and then just transplant that cutting. But if you can cut it off the trunk and get a little roots done by the ground is going to be a lot easier and do a lot better. And this is really the perfect time of year to do it right now. Okay. One of the questions can I planted in the normal desert soil or does it have to be light first and then several transplanting after that? No. Does it plan it out in the ground? Is that what your goal was? Okay. So there's no reason you couldn't just take the cutting with that plant and just go ahead and put it in the ground. It's not going to want to stay real wet. It's easier to route into container because you can have better drainage as far as whether us per lighters sand or potting, so you can use all those things all work, but it's easier to control the drainage container. Get routed. So it may be easier for you to root it out in a container. Just get rooted as soon as it's rooted which should take about two months, then you could just transplant anywhere out in the soil. Okay. Because some of those I don't know if they're called canes or offsets, I'm not sure, but all the technical terms are but some of their trunks, if you will the mini chunks that are coming out of the ground or like three and four inches in diameter. That's fine. Okay. So I need a pretty big pot. Then not a real big because you're not going to get that much Rudolph it so one gallon pot or maybe maybe a two gallon pot. You're not going to get that much route. Okay. All right. But as long as you're getting some root, Wayne, you know, you don't have to even go into the pot. You can go into the ground. Okay. One. Last question. I've I've been trying to find some banana, yucca at the nurseries. The you guys carry those occasionally we normally would have them. What's happened with a lot of products here in the last year, or so it's just been so much commercial demand in large projects that they're not as. It's not one that's ever been a very big seller for us retail. A lot bigger plant and commercial projects in it isn't a residential basis. So it's not one that we're always trying to stock. There's a lot of other Yuccas that I personally like better, I think that fit better for for home design, but it's definitely a common. Well, us plant, but more so in commercial than residential. Okay. Thank you very much Bye-bye. Next. We have John John's out in Glendale. Good morning. John. Hey, john. How are you? I just got a comment for the Lake Mary code in earlier before your last show. She was talking about the problems at our snakes there a good way getting rhythm. Thanks. Going in or local pet stores around town, and you get some kinks. Make you won't have no more Rattlers. Will you know, John? I love king snakes. There's my favorite critters out there in all of nature and its king snakes. And actually why like even better gopher snakes. Go is. I think the most useful animal in our desert because it eats gophers anything these gophers rats is a friend of mine. Snake hill week? The bad parts we had a pharma Pacino valley. Right. And so we're watching the hawks hoping the hawks read and some of the gophers course Foxton get gophers because hawks throughout the daytime and gophers or at night Alsdorf you, but what am I watching the hawk do? He's going around for three days. Eating king snakes. Did I ever want to shoot a red Tele my life now? I didn't I didn't. But you're right. Read till I want to shoot. All in all it was eating was king snakes. I watched to meet three and three days, and it's like, oh, man. Just fly away. Leave our farm along because we had a few rattlesnakes there. But not many we had a lot of king snakes. But he was sending them out pretty fast. Right, right. John have a nice weekend. Thanks for the point. Or I don't know that you can buy the California. King snakes depends stores here. Yeah. You can get them care. Here. Local seen them around town. Yes. Well, that's fantastic. And you know, they are one of the most wonderful animals for everyone to know. I mean, it's a black and white king snake and sake you see here. It's black and white and your yards not poisonous and very docile. Me that they really do and the gopher snakes. I mean, that's the tricky part with the big O for snakes here is that, you know, the coloration is so much like our diamond diamondback rattlesnake, and they even try to mimic with the way they rattle the tail so it's really important for people before they would ever kill Kate or move a snake to kind of learn what they are exactly. It's tough for us because we have a lot of people that moved here from all over the world where snakes are bigger concern as far as life and death, especially in more jungle kinds of environments, and they're so deathly afraid of snakes, but the education on snakes and the benefits they bring is is one we all need to share because they sure do a lot of good environment. Yes. Yes. They do. Thanks, john. Appreciate the heads up. And I didn't know there available. But there that's a great idea. Thanks, brian. Thank you Bye-bye. Oh, let's see. We got to take a short break while we're gone. We've got a couple of lines open the number to call six zero two two seven seven five eight two seven rice and Brian here with the Whitfield regarding show on ninety two point three FM KTAR twin thousand bucks KTAR, call for cats. You have to do is text the word cash to four one one nine two three and listen next week to win one thousand dollars on Arizona's morning.

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