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The briefing. And finally on today's program, we had to Hong Kong where thousands of residents protested over the weekend on the back of the government's plan to build new artificial islands. The proposal is aimed at tackling the city's severe housing crisis kirtland joins us on the line. He's Monaco's Hong Kong associated bureau, chief Kurt, I up tell us about the scale of the protests over the weekend. It was about a ten thousand people turned up to the usual route which is from the Causeway Bay at Victoria Park heading to the headquarters of the Hong Kong government in Admiral T wish their usual prophet route for most of the protests in Hong Kong. And in terms of the scale about ten thousand or something less than twenty thousand is quite small compared to the more than ten years ago, there was a time half a million people turned up that eventually led to the chief executive then step down from his ro by comparison, which is not too much of an issue yesterday from governments perspective. But this is. Issue is actually frigging pointing to the future off this. Tell us about that. How did this artificial island issue come up? Come about and what are people protesting against? Actually, last week, Wednesday, carry land. The chief executive of Hong Kong proposed to implement this massive infrastructure project to build an unofficial islands. All a couple of items of round of the natural bake island in Hongkong Colt Lantau island. So these infrastructure plan would imply about one trillion Hong Kong dollars to reclaim some lands around on to build more housing for the public people and only a week before the policy address that the PLO establishment thing Tang founded by the first chief executive of Hong Kong Tong. She why released a video to promote this idea narrated by one of the most popular actors. Andy Lau whose nickname is actually the public chief executive of Hong Kong then can you can see how popular he is, but a lot of people just turn up against. These idea because there was no polling does no research released by the government earlier than this. So it was only a week before the policy at trust when they announced his poop forward. This proposal idea only a week before that. So I think this contend right now, it's more towards transparency off this administration rather than that idea of whether or not to build an artificial into Salta housing problem. So what's your idea on what will happen next then in this will go ahead or or what sort of the next steps for the government? It seems like the file this ministration is pretty pragmatic and doing work and doing Saul at work for the citizens of and the city. So it seems likely the project will go ahead regardless of that this content and also no matter how many protested would come up. And so a lotta people actually suspect this ideal of this proposal is actually spearheaded. Not really by the government hip, but by the government out there, which is the Beijing idea to sort of tap along his strike the same chord with one bell, one row infrastructure project that Beijing pushed ahead around a well to into encourage different society in different cities and countries to Bill massive scale tovia director of project to boost the economy by building this, but other people in Hong Kong right now, thank east there and the alternative that we can. We can solve a housing problem because Rick reclamation, I still quite a backward way of doing these insulting urbanism problem, which a a lot of people disagree with the government doesn't seem to be taking these into consideration for this plan. Very interesting. Certainly. Story will be keeping an eye on. Thank you very much for this Kurt Monaco's. Hong Kong associate bureau, chief there kirtland. And that's all for this edition of the briefing produced today by Carlisle, ever Bella research by yielding Goffin and Barbara pneumonia. Our studio manager was Sarah miles the briefing back tomorrow at the same time. You can join Andrew Mueller, four majori house later today, eighteen hundred London time here in London. I'm Daniel Bates goodbye..

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