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That was great. She she actually said zombie ambiance. She really wanted to do the movie because she was going to be. As happy. that's hilarious. That's eighty eight years old man. She's biting some guy's ass. That's looking. I was on the floor. Nights is love how they said that up teeth confine out across the all. That was great. I knew i had a feeling. I knew what was going to have. Oh shit and i'm like. Oh yeah she doesn't have any teeth she's just come in the death he doesn't have any. I saw that. I saw coming. And i enjoy it. No it was good and then the kenya. I don't wanna sound like i'm trying cats in it. I like the cat scene. Because you're a big fan of cats will be cats and then all of the is. That was great. And i did a lot of practical stuff. I mean there was some digital stuff with the blood but a lot of it was practically on the cat. I mean they didn't even have it wasn't a digital puppet and was not because the face and the cat was so hilarious. Because he's like anyway. I i don't know i just sometimes. I'm in the mood for that type of movie. But i understand your your viewpoint. Sometimes we wanna watch orphan. And i wanna get scared and then i don't wanna laugh I mean it's like like like it's okay. It's okay if it's if it's done well and there are movies that controls but it's a little bit bulled. Genres are difficult and the try to blend the bull. Yes is something else. So that's a talented talented filmmakers. That can that's a skill. it really is absolutely 'cause they're also really hard to do. Yeah because if you that's the thing if you take a really dark film like black christmas and you got to really be careful because you don't wanna lose your audience and they didn't that that that police station scene was fantastic. I mean it was awesome. It's let you probably never lighting rig lightened you because you'll be like what the fuck is this movie. Shit get through the first five minutes like turn this shit off. Yeah no but i know. I keep bringing that up and i don't wanna sound. You know you know repetitive. But broken i bring it up because it's a perfect example. It really is because if you think about it such a dark film and it's so well done and it's so creepy and then you have this little part. It's just hilarious. It's really funny. And and the and the cop laughing at the desk and the guy is totally clueless. He has no idea. It's just it's kinda like it's almost. I feel like it's dry humor. Let me say that. That's the other thing. I really am a fan of dry humor. I guess it depends on. What type of were you like to like. I love like. I know you hate napoleon dynamite. I loved it It's all in your tastes are and what makes you laugh and really love dry deadpan. I loved pedro in that. And oh my god and deb. And all the i mean just and that debt is definitely an acquired taste so i am less about will ferrell goofy over the top films. You know ass diana. She'll tell you. I mean some of that either. So yeah i the gist. The more of the just a dry and you know. That's that's what tom. Hanks started his really quirky comedies. And and then he kind of went into more. You know john. Candy type comedies. Where it's very subtle subtle the way. But that i it's that's timing. That's great writing. That's yeah that's a different comedy. Screwball economy is easy to do. But it's difficult to pull off and that's what people don't realize they look at it at all. I could do that. Could fall down the stairs and chevy chase. Doing the. You know falling down stuff like that. I mean anybody can do it. But there's this you know. Peter sellars was the master of that type account. And that's hard to do. It's a it's very hard to do. And like people are going to hate me for saying this. But i'm just not an austin powers fan as just not i know but it's you have to like that type of comedy and it's and it's right. You know definitely not up your alley because you don't like that just it's just. I'm not a dumb. And dumber te. Not and i like those. And it's okay and everybody's different and i know a lot of people that hate napoleon. Dynamite and. I am totally fine with that when i first saw it. I'm like what the hell am. I watching it takes a few viewings with evil dead and other and some other films. And then i'm like oh my god. I love this film. So in fact we're going to see it later in september and we're going to meet some of the cast like uncle rico and some of the other cast members so if it still happens it got rescheduled but anyway so without going on and on about what don transplanting. I thought this podcast we winning comedy here. But that's a big part of why i struggle with some of these films. That's and it's and this was definitely not a struggle clarify. It was nice fun. Thrill ride just enjoyable just a good time you know and i love the characters and everything you know. I thought he did a fantastic job. And i bought all of it. I bought all of it. I loved it. Yeah so so. It's just some of the humor is tough for me. That's all but like. I said. I think i think i'm gonna try that. Rob i think i'm going to go into certain films knowing. It's like okay dan. This is not a black christmas. It's not trying to be you know it's not trying to be. He's out there trying to be hush. This is a different style. And i'm going to see if i can just grow on me. You know it may or may. Not but i wanna be open that at i want to just shut off from a certain style. I don't like sometimes. I mean a real house but that's like a. It's an intense henry. It's great love that type of sometimes it's just want a break from. I like to watch a horror film of laugh a little bit exactly and this was the perfect. You don't wanna be so. Yeah right dramatic. That and i like the nice combination in if i didn't like the characters in the story i would probably hate the film but you learn but it works in so many different ways. it's something you've definitely have seen before but like i said the the the main stories just a lot of phone for me so but i i. I want to touch on that part. You know we talked about earlier is yes. You've seen some of this before. But i loved what he did with the scouts You know i liked what he did with two three kids. And i just love that out that part of it. Yeah you know it could have easily just had three friends right. That weren't scouts right. And you know all this all the layers but it wouldn't have had the impact. I talk talked about the leader's all the time. They has layers and this this year that extra layer and And that just made a big difference to me it really because they had this bond. It's like okay. Well you could do that in another film and their friends and their old you know and they have a bond. Yeah but then you can build on that and they can make the weapons from ace hardware within. There's this loved all but then there's the conflict between the characters because the the one the two characters wanna leave the scouts guys like adamant about the scott. That's right and he's hurt. And then they discover that. Wow i hurt my friend right out about the scouts. it was about. Hey i hurt my friend. That's right that's right and it's all that's what the movie's about it's about friendship and then they have the certain stereotype that they have to fight against with other with everybody out like all you know what i mean. It's like they know that the scouts not cool. So there's this stigma about.

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