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Freddie. Can I have your autograph? Freddie taylor. Haddish? Shotgun Chico was his name o c ICC y'all. Si, si si si ICCO, John Chico is our name. Oh, remember all men are created equal. And then they get dressed experience. John Chico's difference. Call us at two one nine seven six nine one seven four four. Here comes Brian Regan live on stage, the winning team always gives the losing team. A lot of credit. You gotta give them a lot of credit. They got a good team over. There wonder if that news ever gets to the losers locker room. Follows I just came from the winner's locker room. They are giving you a lot of credit. Brian Regan New Year's Eve, December thirty First Chicago theater reserved seats on sale now, TicketMaster dot com. Escape to four winds casino south bend, featuring delectable dining such as award winning. Copper rock steakhouse and kankakee grill where you can enjoy comfort foods with a modern twist with daily food and drink specials entertainment on weekends and sixteen hundred gains. You'll find just what you're looking for on your entertainment escape. Four winds casino. Southbound dining gaming and fun. Visit four winds casino dot com. To learn more. Carmen with waddling silky. What's the equivalent Cutty chubby in embarrassed like got guys, I could say it. But I know I won't cloth. Yeah. I've got a bear claw. Fierce. It's. Yeah. It's fully quad nails and everything. The three us Sylvie. This is cross talk with carbon Waddell, Sylvie and Yuriko on ESPN one thousand thank you very much through JD and Maliki Andrews for joining us today. Dan is Herman our executive producer Christopher black guy. Our associate producer. Crosstalk is brought to you feeling grumpy tired or sluggish could be low testosterone levels checked in less than ten minutes. Go to lachey, center dot com for more info. Hi. Yes. My stop.

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