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Protesters swarmed outside the courthouse says manafort's attorneys Kevin downing tried to make the outcome of the sentencing hearing about something other than his client's actions. Judge jackson. Conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any Russian collusion in this case. In fact, judge Amy Berman Jackson said quote this sentence will not be an endorsement or an indictment of the mission or tactics of the office of the special counsel Jackson sentence Manafort to roughly in total an additional three years for the two counts of conspiracy on top of the nearly four year prison term Manafort received in a separate case last week Windsor, Johnston NPR news, Washington, just minutes after Manafort was sentence. He was hit with a new indictment in New York on residential mortgage fraud and other state charges candidate is now joining several other countries in grounding, Boeing, seven thirty seven max eight and nine planes after the aircraft was involved in two deadly crashes one in Indonesia, five months ago and another Neath Opio last weekend countries in Europe and Asia, also grounding the planes while investigators try to determine if the grass. Could be linked to some sort of defect in the aircraft. US? Aviation regulators say they have no plans to park the Boeing max aids unless they get data that convinces them the planes are unsafe full house. Actress Laurie Laughlin is now in FBI custody. NPR's mandalit del Barco reports. Loughlin was among dozens of people implicated in college admissions fraud scandal Laughlin is set to appear in court in Los Angeles this afternoon she was in Vancouver yesterday when her husband was arrested along with the others. He's out in a million dollar bail. Laughlin was indicted for paying five hundred thousand dollars to get her two daughters into USC. The FBI says the girls were falsely labelled as rowers being recruited onto the crew team. A group of prominent scientists and bioethicists is calling for a global moratorium on the creation of anymore. Gene, edited babies, here's NPR's, rob Stein. Eighteen scientists and bioethicists from sovereign countries. Say a worldwide moratorium on making gene, edited babies is urgent. Needed to prevent any more. Scientists from going rogue like a scientists in China did last year in the journal nature. The group says every nation that doesn't already prohibit gene editing babies should impose a moratorium for perhaps five years. That's NPR's rob Stein reporting at last check on Wall Street, the Dow was up two hundred three points at twenty five thousand seven hundred fifty eight this is NPR from K Q E D news, I'm Brian watt. San Francisco has a new fire chief mayor London breed announced this morning that deputy chief Jimmy Nicholson will run the fire department one of the largest public safety agencies in the bay area Nicholson takes over from JoAnne. Hayes white the first woman to be the city's fire chief she is a twenty five year veteran of the department who currently serves as deputy chief of administration Nicholson becomes the first openly gay chief of the agency yet another California appeals court has ruled that a landmark transparency law. Applies to officer misconduct and shooting records that predate this year K Q E D sukey Lewis reports. It's the latest blow to police union. Your arguments trying to keep the records sealed the appellate court declined to hear the case writing and its summary order that the unions contention that Senate Bill fourteen twenty one doesn't open up past records is without merit. David Snyder of the San Rafael based first amendment coalition says this is just the latest in a string of judicial rulings rejecting those arguments is getting very narrow the engines to find the court will agree with this ruling also means that as of next week police and sheriff's departments in contra Costa county will no longer be prevented from releasing documents on deadly use of force dishonesty and sexual assault by officers cake joined the case seeking access to those records..

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