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It's that time of the week. Welcome back to the third in our third series of our top ten lists, and if you haven't catched the previous one yet, you can do that in the podcast archive right now. Joined by three guests today. Welcome back to our chief editor, Kevin Turner. What's the list you've put together for us this week? So this is a bit more difficult to define the last couple but hopefully still fun, top ten, one hit wonders. What do you mean in Formula One? So these are people that only won one world championship Grand Prix. So I'm kind of racing them both on their careers. As drives at my one race, but also the quality of their one win. Yes, so it's kind of weighing those two things together. One is also a bit of shock factor involved, which comes in much higher up the list. How do they do it? What was the race? What were they driving? Exactly. All those things. What was their overall career like? Difficult balance to get, you see. I thought that made, well, a couple of people on the list I thought had to be on the list, even though the actual race they won, perhaps wasn't as mega as some of the others they did. They've been balanced. Well, I felt I guess think about your list and whether they would reorder it somewhat our second guest from the first two podcasts is motor sport journalist Damien Smith. Welcome back. Thank you for having me. Always nice to see you in person. But I feel like I see you each week because I have also card delivered through my letterbox. I have your face smiling at me. How can you mug in the corner there? It's a very friendly face, isn't it? It's always nice to see, but although I did think that the old sports, it felt like there were about 18 Damian Smiths because every time I came around a corner, Damon was stood there. I was haunting you. Yeah, but they actually very helpful, 'cause we had a few last minute dramas that demo stepped up heroically to help. He's very heroic. That's what I want to say. Any fellow listeners who also like to read magazines as I do, because I love a magazine, much to my wife's annoyance, because you bought you told me you needed the big screen iPad to read magazines on the iPad. And then it's in the drawer. But I just love and I probably have too many. But there is that thing that if you do read magazines as well, there's the little picture of the person who wrote the story. Now I can tell you that there's plenty of people who look nothing like that picture because it was taken many years ago. But I mean, you do, you do anything like well thank you. You see the magazine. You look like yourself. I suppose that's a good thing. There's a certain person on auto sport whose photo has is quite old. Let's just say, I think we're kind and should leave it. You should leave it. I once got accused of having a fake beard put on my picture to make myself look older. I mean, there's a lot to unpack there, which we won't do now. No, I thought that was an odd thing to criticize some wonderful. Well, we say recently it wasn't at all had our 70th auto sport edition, goodness. It was during lockdown and that whole time is a blur in my brain. But I look back at the 60th magazine and care view very fresh faced, like that 12 years, 12 years ago. I'm like, who is that? And it says, it says your name. So it must be you. It's not the time it's the mileage I think is the pleasure and the number of children that has the thing. It will be pretty dangerous. I might child myself in 2000 and 6 when I started, but obviously it's 2010 that 60th that you're talking about was in yeah. We had a picture of the whole staff, didn't we at the back? Yeah, yeah, so taken from a high up camera, which we had in some copy and pasting. Oh really? Shopping to get a few people that may not have been able to make it. I was on the 50th and we did the photo in Hampton road and telling them where our office was in those days. And there were quite a few people who weren't there. And as you can imagine, that the Mac work in those days. It wasn't really put. You could really you could tell. You could tell quite a lot. There was a clamor from certain members of staff to have one for the 70th. But on the basis that it was in the middle of a pandemic, do you think that was a very good reason to get everyone together from the various corners of the country that they were then in? You could have had maybe like a page of selfies or in remote areas. And you say, yeah, like on Anson deck show when they have all of their audience on a big screen. Yeah, exactly. Everyone does. Yeah. Fair enough. So let's get on to our third guest. Who's appeared in none of these pictures? Digitally, we could do it, I guess. But Hayden Cobb editor of

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