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Here in an age before protools Steely Dan engineered some of the best analog production ever so exactly so tight their style was a sophisticated seamless fusion of jazz and pop music their style became known as yok rock in Steely Dan docked a fleet of remarkable hits then consisted of just two corps members Donald Fagen grew up in Passaic New Jersey just a twenty minute drive to New York City through the Lincoln tunnel in Walter Becker who grew up in queens here's Walter back original Steely Dan formed in nineteen seventy one there were five of us and on our work the song we toured for awhile to support the first couple of albums but we didn't really like it so we stopped in nineteen seventy four and two again for nineteen years by the time we released Asia the other members of the band were gone except for Danny Dyess and we replace them with session musicians and some of our favorite soloist here's Donald Fagen Walter Becker and fellow session contributors for the Asia album providing a fascinating glimpse into one of.

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