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And what I noticed was in the comments all the black men. The conscious brothers. They're all saying President. Obama was the first gay president President Obama does his lookout for the gay community. None of this stuff is factual lidge just shit that insecure men, black men and white men. This is what this country based off of his not about people say that people have died over women. None other men have died over their own insecurities. The reason why people can in factually say that President Obama was the first gay president would not one bit of facts or proof Audie said, is that the fact that this guy made a statement of political statement saying that gay people should have the right to be married. Now, let's look at President Obama's history. President, Obama is a married man to a woman who has two young girls. And when he talks about his two girls, he talks about them dating. Does he ever talk about them maybe and go another woman? No, he always talks about them bringing home a young man and having secret service, maybe one day having to deal with them. Now this is a true gay president that the conscious community claims him to be. He would never specify that his daughters would bring home a man. He was specified his daughters or one day be dating, but not conscious community. The so called smart marks of the internet. They don't. They don't bother to bring in those kind of facts because all they do is unit use their own insecurities and bring up stuff that they just pull out there s and spread it over the internet. Now, not an Obama apologised, but these idiots have made me become one because they don't realize it. They're the reason why. Black people, whether you want to admit it or not. Obama is a black person. If you're truly Representative of the black community you should. You should be ashamed of yourself. For ridicule. Another black man, falsely ridicule him for no reason at all. Here's the other thing. There's not a man in America that has not at one point in his life participated in a gate act. Oh, would you talkin about CB? I'll tell you what I'm talking about. If you ever went to a strip club told another female stripper to kiss that bitch, here's twenty dollars his five dollars..

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