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Bet pretty good lead by Machado. Not going. The pitch comes in low ball one. Shadowed does run a whole lot stole six basis during the season. But he had a really big lead over at first base. Trying to draw throw over just to get a look at what that move is. Like in case, you're thinking or feeling lucky, but also just to get your seemed thinking about something other than Cody Bellinger. Jesse now will step off and bluff throw so Machado kind of smiling. Atom Luff's going back to I but didn't really get there. Now, he saunters over there after the fact. You see a lot more playfulness between players on opposing teams now that you've ever used to. Here's the pay swing at abyss Bellinger down to a knees. He comes up empty you wanted one. A little bit more off of that break evolve. Which? That's four like a curveball. Twelve to six action and under eighty miles per hour. I'll tell you he missed it. But even on a swing and a miss his extension is impressive. The ark of the bat for Cody Bellinger, when he has a full cut is something to behold the great rookie year last year. Here's the one one on the way to swing it. A bouncing ball. The first basement who right snaps a throat arsia back to I ninety time as it skips pashas seen covering, but hits the fancier the screen in front of the first base dugout. So the result is Bella. You're safe and appealed or stretching out advances grass was backing up. Glen fed. She's seen a little late getting over there. But again, Cody Bellinger, we've documented the speed that he has. So it's gonna be very difficult to double him up on a ball hit that softly towards Shelley the screen in front of the dugout. Kept that. Moving Bellinger into scoring position. And our creek council wants to ask about something. He's out talking to Gerry Davis. And they're gonna put the headsets on here. And is it the slide at second base. It's Machado.

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