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We have a growing concern for the safety and security of our members are airlines, the traveling public due to the government shutdown this already long as government shutdown in the history of the United States. And there is no end in sight in our risk averse industry. We cannot even calculate the level of risk currently at play nor predict the point at which the entire system will break. It is unprecedented air traffic controllers people who prevent air. Craft from crashing into each other in the sky. Cannot predict the point at which the entire system will break. Donald Trump said he was proud to do this. He said he is proud to shut down the government proud to be pushing air traffic controllers to the spot where they cannot predict when the entire system when will break, and when that system breaks people died. Here's another horrible. Mark of the Trump shutdown. Two. So if you not. Program. Come in here. Institute. Margaret. Backup. About fifty six. Through the second chance round out. We'll visit. Leading off our discussion now joy Reid an NBC national correspondent and the host of AM joy weekends here. And I miss Barbara arrest. The former executive vice president of the Trump organization and the author of all alone on the sixty floor. How one woman changed the face of construction and Jack O Donald the former president and chief operating officer of Trump plaza hotel and casino and co author of trumped the inside story of the real Donald Trump, Jack O Donnell being of course, the most successful American with the name O'Donnell and not related to me. Of course, joy, I wanna start with the woman. We just heard face myth. That is the real face of this shutdown right now today people who are on the verge of losing their homes. She is going to be a victim in Washington DC. Donald Trump has done a lot of his life as father done a lot of visions. They know from their end of it how that works and Mitch McConnell is the person who now will be as responsible as Donald Trump for face myth getting victims. She does not only doing vixen. But if you follow history as Tony Schwartz and others have laid out using tactics. Like, not fixing the heat making the apartment so unlivable that people essentially selfie Vic and leave in order to redevelop properties into luxury condominiums he's used to inflicting suffering on people that he thinks are disposable in order to get his way. This is the way he operates, and unfortunately, the country is getting a couple of lessons at once. We're getting a forced lesson in the constitution. One on one on the powers of the article one branch, which Nancy Pelosi is putting on a clinic as you say. Said she's wielding her power. So thoroughly so viciously. And so and so publicly in a way that we don't normally see women do she's not doing it with sort of demure way that we expect women to do. She just wield power period. And we're so used to week speakers or we're just not used to it. So Donald Trump is getting less than along with the rest of the country clear. He knows nothing about the constitution. But for the first time his infliction of misery on people. His lack of empathy for people is coming up against another power trying to stop him..

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