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Signed for our favorite time of the week it is tacky stay the harbaugh podcast left but in this this thing together with coach jack and coach jim don't forget to subscribe to us on apple podcast you can also listen via the podcast one app or on podcast one dot com and then you can rate and review the show on itunes certainly like to get the feedback especially if you like us brady straightened berger said from wednesday wisdom hashtag wednesday wisdom said life is too good to check out too early which was taking with jack harbaugh said last week and put that out there on social media and that's part of the reason we've got the show to put out the wisdom of jack harbaugh and and this week we will be joined by tom green who we've had on before but he will talk march madness with us which will be awesome give some of his insights and then we will have horning award winner in twenty ten the most versatile player in college football who played fullback and linebacker also played in the nfl after being drafted in the fourth round by the cleveland browns oh and marie sick will join us and then we'll have some some hashtag fullback talk we'll get owen and current freshman fullback on the michigan football team ben mason talking about appreciating the game hard work and all the like so they'll they have a lot in common perhaps they could be d'appel ganger twins whatever you want to say but very excited to be joined by them and then jack talk of course will always round it out so we will get right into it we've got two interviews this week we hope you enjoy it and sponsoring those interviews we'll be true car so this is the general message that they have there were they say here are some useful car tips you might not be aware of like a coffee filter and a little bit of olive oil can clean your interior removing excess weight from your car will improve your gas mileage and you can place your key fob to your chin to increase its range weird right well here's another tip you might not know about truecar also helps people get used cars so that's right truecar isn't just for buying new cars with their certified dealer network and nationwide inventory of nearly.

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