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Favorites. And I've posted a while back Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and somebody sent me a message. They call them PM's. Private message DM's direct message. Yes. Well, this is dumb message. Maybe that's what stands any said that. That's a Jalen joke that norm Donald telling. And so Jay Leno was on the phone with us, and we can ask him. Hey, Jay Leno, your friends with Norman Donal, right? I love nor McDonald the funniest guy in the nobody makes me like normal almost every comic says that that he's he's the king. He's really, you know, you have such a court game way. And, you know, some comics of money when they get to the norm as funny all the way through story. The story. Just as the like, hey, can I play this joke for you? Tell me whether you wrote the joke because somebody emailed and said his your joke. Okay. I'm gonna play for you here. This is a joke that Norman Donald told on Conan O'Brien show. All right. And and look, I'm not a cure norm of stealing the Terio. I'm just saying somebody who's a comic sent me this and saying, hey, I think that's a Jay Leno Joe and jail beyond is with us. Right. Here's the Joe by Norman Donald on the Conan O'Brien show been good friends for many years. Okay. I made that up. We haven't. No, no, we're friends. We're good friends. But I don't know what you're McDonald is that Irish is at Scottish, what's your ethnic background is polish..

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