Nine of the Original States Required Soldiers to Be Christian


Know 9 of the original states of the 13 9 of them in their state constitution required all office soldiers to be Protestant Christians. Did you know three states were more liberal and all you had to do was be a plain Christian. Right? Like Delaware, every office holder had to believe in God the father, Jesus Christ, it's always on. The holy ghost one God bless you ever more. You said, that was, that was a plane that was, yeah, that's pretty liberal because you could be a Catholic or a Protestant and say, yeah, I believe in father son and the holy ghost. Whereas in North Carolina, you had to be a Protestant Christian up until 1835. And one state had zero religious requirements to hold state office, Rhode Island founded by baptist, and they said that if you required someone to be a Christian, they could say they were just to get elected, and that would be hypocritical. So just vote for the best Christian person. You know, we're just not going to put it in the constitution. So that was the founding. It was those states that sent representatives to write our U.S. Constitution. It makes no sense to think that they would outlaw themselves.

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