It's Time to Hold the Democrats Accountable


Senator Rick Scott, before I get to the question of the FBI, which is burning up the call screen. People are very, very angry about this. I want to get your I want to get you over and under. It looks to me like the Republicans could end up anywhere from 48 to in a great great year 56. I think the over and under is 52 and a half for the Senate in January of 2023. What do you think? As long as we raise our money, we're going to get a majority. I don't know if that'll be 51, 52, 53. You're right. We have great candidates. So if we have our money, we have shot BioShock pick up 6 to 8. But it all comes down to enough money to get our message out. That's why I tell everybody help these candidates or if you want to help us, it's text 5 5 four four text win to 5 5 four O four because if we have the resources, I think we're just going to be a great year. People are mad. They're mad about inflation. They're mad about Afghanistan. They're mad about the border. They're mad about defunding the police. They're mad about this rate on Mar-a-Lago. So I think Republicans are going to show up and vote.

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