John Zmirak's Take on the FBI's Next Move


Right, John's mirac, let's continue talking about the madness. What do you think is going to happen? I mean, they rated Trump some when the FBI does something like this. Most Americans who don't talk on radio programs, they're sitting back and they're thinking, we know what's going on. This is dirty. This is disgusting. They're going to plant something in the documents I bet. I would be shocked if they don't plant some fake thing to insinuate a crime that Trump did not commit. I put nothing past these people. These people said the Hunter Biden laptops were Russian disinformation without even seeing them. These people hid the laptop. The FBI put it in a basement. And if Rudy Giuliani hadn't made a copy and given it to the heroic Jack maxi, who you had on this show, none of us would know about it, okay? The remember, these people want to kill innocent babies.

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