NBA Great Bill Russell Was Racist Till the End


Bill Russell, the former NBA Hall of Famer. Now look, I imagine there are some people who are very sad to hear the news that the Boston Celtic great Bill Russell died on Sunday. Not me. Not me. I never liked the guy. And I had it on good authority and I have it on good authority that he was a racist until the end. I know what you're thinking. No, AJ, he was the one at the butt end of races. Okay, yeah, he was, but he did it right back to white people. Now aside from the rumors I heard from old sports Fridays that I used to work alongside of it newsday, which is Long Island's main newspaper and when I worked there, it was the fourth largest circulation of any newspaper in America, so it's no rinky dink paper. Major, major sports writers wrote there. I sat next to and talked to and sat around with some of the best sports writers of our time. And a couple of them told me some stories about Bill Russell that, you know, didn't paint them out to be a nice guy. Okay? They would tell me stories that said as much of what I'm telling you that he was in fact very racist.

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