How NFL Player Tony Dungy Came to Faith


On the program before, but for people who don't know your stories about coming to faith or when did the penny drop for each of you? It took me a little while. My parents, especially my mother, tried to teach me that. But as a 12 year old, 14 year old, your honor I was listening or it doesn't make sense. And my mom would tell me those things, you know, what would a profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? Make sure you're in tune with God. Just what you're saying. The creation is great. All these things are wonderful, but don't fall in love with the creation, fall in love with the creator. But it didn't hit me until I was 21. And I got to the National Football League and my coach chuck noll, who was a tremendous coach Hall of Fame coach. First thing he said to us is don't make football your whole life. It's your profession now because you're getting paid for it. But if you make it your whole life, you're going to be disappointed. And then I see all these guys and they had two Super Bowl rings when I got there, but they're saying the same thing. And hey, you got to come to Bible study. You got to come to chapel tonight. And what franchise was this? The Pittsburgh Steelers. So the Pittsburgh city, I love hearing stories like this. So here you go, you're practically a kid 21 years old. Going to the Pittsburgh Steelers. And there's a culture of some players in the Pittsburgh Steelers. They get God. And they're willing to share this with the younger players. That is pretty amazing.

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