What Is Liz Cheney Saying About the People Who Need to Vote for Trump?


Now, Liz Cheney gave an interview to the talking a lot, CNN, New York Times, she doesn't really campaigning because she's going to lose next week. She told The New York Times she'd find it very difficult to support Ron DeSantis for president. If Trump doesn't run. She would find it very difficult to support governor desantis because of how he has lined himself up almost entirely with Trump. Are you paying attention are you as the media does this whole adulation of Liz Cheney? Do you get what she has become? So I said to this friend of mine who's a never trumper. I said, listen, when Liz Cheney says that she doesn't mind losing her seat. As long as Trump stays out of office, what is she saying about the American people who need to vote for Trump? In order for him to be reelected. And I mean, I was blown away by his answer. He said, she would say, and I believe he knows her and probably knows exactly her thinking. He believes that American America has been fooled and conned by Donald Trump, that Trump supporters aren't really necessarily malicious or nefarious, they're really just more about being conned. And we drank the Kool-Aid and we fell for it and she knows that. And she understands that, that's why the January 6th select committee existed to prevent Trump from being able to run for reelection. Now,

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