Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $45.2M More Over Sandy Hook


It appears that Alex Jones got to pay a butt ton of money. The article says Alex Jones has worked up to $270 million, says experts at the Texas trial determining damages to sandy hook families because the victims aren't going to get any money. And it says Texas jury awarded sandy hook parents, sandy hook parents, scarlet Lewis, and Neil hessling an additional $45 million in punitive damages and Alex Jones, it says Alice Jones, he wrote the wrong name. Alex Jones defamation trial, and it says that Alex Jones is probably worth more than a $135 million to 270 million and has been main company free speech systems for years. So he got a bunch of money. They're making him pay $45 million on top of the 4 million that they originally said. It says Jones withdrew $65 million in September of 2021 after judge, the judge gamble, our last name is gamble, ruled that he had lost the lawsuit to sandy hook families by default for not complying with court orders, so Alex Jones got a lot of money.

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