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What do you say to the the argument in this isn't an argument or a feeling that I have, but I can imagine that in l. a. showroom would say this is that focusing on the negative brings more negative or focusing on them, rings more of that, you'd know, I love that. What do you say to that? But that's bullshit. Yeah. I mean, I used to believe this the so maybe I should have started off with this like I used to believe all of this. I used to believe in manifesting. I used to believe in like being good, white, spiritual woman. There's so many photos. I have my mollahs and all of my things like I'm a good white woman. Okay. People's like I really participated in the spiritual world, a yoga teacher, like I did so good. So I just want to say that I'm sharing all of this because I've been through it. So I'm not a preacher. I'm not on some high horse. I'm not here being like, I'm all evolved follow me. No, no, no. I'm just sharing my mistakes. And my journey and my path. And so I used to believe that, like I don't want to surround myself with anything negative with the haters with the with the bad news because then I'm gonna feel shitty right instead, the way I look at it now is, you know if you don't look at a wound, like if you get a cut on your leg and somebody big gash and you don't look at it and you don't tend to it and you don't get it taken care of. It's going to get worse. It's gonna fester, and eventually it's going to become so much worse. They're going to probably cut off that leg. Right? So it's not that we are now obsessing with only looking at the bad stuff. Rather it's the invitation is if you want to have a clean closet, you have to clean your closet. If you want, if you want to have your life, the incongruency you have to look at the ways that it's not this is the epitome of shadow work and looking at the shadows of our society. If we want to have the ability to stay with all of who we are and not be afraid of a part of ourselves, we have to develop that muscle by looking at the things that are uncomfortable to look at. That's how you develop resiliency, that's how you develop strength. You develop strength by going through the dark..

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