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Right. This has been amazing. We now know how to set up a structure. We know about a little bit about ip assignment. That's a whole nother thing. We could do another episode but this has been great becky great advice if early stage founders want to reach out to you and wilson's sensini if they if they Listen to this episode. They know that we have most favored nation status between my investment. Firm launched and wilson. Sania take care of my people absolutely happy to how do they reach out to wilson seen. I know it's a big giant firm with a lot of big buildings and a lotta expensive lawyers a whole range of associates etc. Should they be intimidated as a two person company to come talk to you war. Do you wanna talk to those companies. They should not be intimidated. We work with very very early. Stage people. I mean you come in the door and say i've got an idea. What do i do next. How do i form a company. We love getting involved at that very early stage so we may work with you. Know the very very big companies like google but we incorporated google right so you know we with them the whole way so come talking this early wilson. Sensini did the incorporation papers for google ads. Right that's all the way through. We did the financing ends the ipo. And now we represent them and their big anti-trust cases in all sorts of get into that me. Tell you something. That's another topic. But my god the politics on that one. I mean if you really want to do an antitrust. That's the weakest one. I've ever seen in my wife from put an. That's my opinion. Wilson sienese. ws gr dot com. I really appreciate you. Partnering with Just the whole firm mfs. I've had so many great friends there. And i can tell you for those of you listening. It was scary for me To engage with big firms. When i was in my younger years and didn't have a lot of money in my bank account and what you find is the really truly great firms. An and i put wilson senior up there Right at the top the really great firms They want to grow with you and they wanna get in early. So don't be intimidated. They pick up the phone. They got a nice office. If this cova ding ends retaken this storm. The time of covid got a beautiful office down in soma they let you let people co work out of there. Sometimes i you. You've you've let me or space to co worker. When i had to had some issues we had to paint a pro painting my office. You guys let me work out of there for a couple of days. So i do appreciate a beautiful office. Enda will see you all next time on another startup legal basics..

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