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I don't know i definitely think he might if he it'll be blatantly obvious if he is throwing the game with the first quarter i definitely think and like i said it will be dead giveaway. If the packers shouldn't lose his game so if they lose his game it's a throw easter on it but yes answers the question. I think he did all right next. Question coming in here this this question for me someone else. And we're going to keep these all anonymous to just sounds good. Someone asked me why you get a two series which any honestly anyone listening. Probably doesn't know that i just bought a new bmw There's not a specific reason. Why bonded nine years saw the lauda thought it looked. Nice them like i. I wasn't like i was like you're you're going to buy the st remember remember. We were going car shopping for this. Yeah and then i. I was just looking around. I found this one. That i liked quite a bit this bmw. So i bought that. It's a two thousand sixteen bmw m. Two thirty five by all right. I had no idea what to suicide was it. I was just like eat was a car. I was like what is two series. Then i was like this must be how you feel when i'm talking about sports like jimmy jimmy. What are the questions. Be jimmy's question. One of them is it. Is there is. Jimmy's gosh jimmy sir. Jimmy's jimmy wait. What jimmy sore jamie davis. Oh yeah the answer should be. Jimmy's go to all right another question. What is the dumbest thing that you both have done. What stumps thing. You've ever done Ago this is the thing. I always say so as you could tell a morning glasses right now. I don't normally wear glasses. But when i was little i thought glasses cool and when i got my eyes tested. I purposely flunked the test to get glasses and i do. I like i blatantly. Missed him so he's not. My eyesight was read. Do they definitely probably thought my eyesight. Like eyesight was bad. Because i like purposely messed up bad bad bad and so like i literally so i i got glasses and i wore them and i just screwed up my eyesight like my eyesight was like good like it was fine and then i just kept. I'm wearing glasses to the point where it just ruined it. So now i- impermanent cruise to wear glasses and contacts for me. I have done so much dumb stuff. Anyone knows we know that I like i'm elements of dumb. I'm all about stuff. I'm so good at doing dumb things on. So i don't even know i can't even answer that question because there's not something that stands out opco updo. Can you think something up. I ran over a mailbox with my dirt bike. My neighbor's mailbox shot. My neighbor's window with a bb gun was then fled on my bike before the call came. Oh my goodness neighbors going to be listening to this. It'd be like yo. You're the one shot now. They knew because they knew the cops just waited on my house for me to come home. Get in trouble in trouble like ginger ale for. Yeah but the..

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