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Dr toe, and five and go five and five, but I honestly felt like Marty Schottenheimer should have won coach of the year that year considering the you know what we were playing with what the roster looked like. And as young as we were in, you know, just trying to get things turned it instead he gets a pink slip. So just that's kind of that's the Redskins in a in a nutshell, though over the last twenty five years. I I really felt like mardi was going to get that team turned around really quickly. But yeah, so what what they wanted me to do the new regime that got brought it. And they wanted me to I just moved my fiance out to the west coast. We're living in Arizona doing the west coast and you know didn't even didn't even. Have a ring on her finger when we moved, and they wanted me to move to Washington and work in how they I don't know if they felt like I was ready to be on the road. I was twenty six years old. You know, maybe I wasn't you know in hindsight him. It's a grind and, you know, but they wanted me to move in house, and, and work in Washington. And I said, well, I just moved it's girl a year ago. She's now, my wife of, of sixteen years. But is there any way that I can, you know, look for something else that would keep me on the west coast and then God that how I didn't know a lot of people around the league? But I I call Jason light from is working at the patriots at the time the GM and the buccaneers now. And just calling the people that I knew, and see if they had anything open and thank God Jason. Yeah. We actually have a west coast opening being go down and talk to Scott, the elderly, and he calls back. Five minutes later. He's like, yes. Got like to bring in for an interview and when out there a couple of days later and got that job. So I didn't I didn't have to. To, to DC able to stay out in Phoenix and due west coast for the patriots. That's awesome. So what's interesting to me about that? Jim is Crimea from wrong. But the patriots typically like to hire guys with no experience. Right. They don't they almost don't want you to have worked for another organization because they want you to teach they want to teach you their ways rather than whatever was in your head from Green Bay in Washington, my off on that or is that kind of that kind of accurate. Yeah..

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