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Is bad well so Laurie are steps in against Adrian Sampson Simpson hangs a pitch Lorien hits a shot he doesn't just hit a shot the Pepsi watches it administers walking the first he says the Sampson you want to step on a bat my bad is right here benches clear people get upset next time memorial comes up he gets drilled hi yeah hi top of the shoulder he's upset benches clear again but giants fans you to pay attention to the aids right now because the Milwaukee Brewers are in town for a couple games yes we're still say they have the giants we're gonna get to some sound here from Corey on hitting a home run and then suppose came from glory on it was like yeah I don't really care man not every step on my back and Bob Melvin not happy without went down today Texas Rangers bomb baby number three the home run first or happen like I mean I don't remember what he said to me I do what I say and lane all and now this is something like just so you can step on it again and I was taping CL only start anonymous of illinois' radio and around so she can move on and actually I was on do.

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