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Democrats down into our area to take a look at the kings river the san joaquin and after that happened we did get a a big big bump in the storage we think that the language is good enough there obviously there is room for interpretation that means the discretion ought to be in the direction of the storage and in the direction of getting surface storage bill because that was the intention of that an entire chapter and we're we're kind of outraged that the committee staff doesn't recognize something self evident like recreation they don't recognize that the water deliveries for for people and for food have this cooperative junction where people who are living in these cities that don't have adequate drinking water will be benefited from it as well it so i work look step one is to try to convince the commission that their staff is just wrong and we're presenting very good technical argument about why they they missed the obvious and self evident values but frankly we got to continue to fight for it even if we're shut down at this at this level and if litigation is warranted we have some very very good people in fact we're sitting in a lawyer's office that is very very good at these kinds of things news break coming up here in a couple of seconds but in a in a minute or so how does the state benefit from the recreation recreational aspect of temperance flat and i'm asking from a financial standpoint is there any financial gain for the state of california from recreation and temperance flat does anybody not know what shaver lake is like in the summertime and how many people from southern california from other places come up what are they doing they're eating in the restaurants they're spending money they're renting boats they're fishing they're doing all the fun stuff that we get to do in our backyard and like i said before we're going to have the owner of the shaver lake marina really counter the whole claim that recreation there's an obvious it's revenue gig back to the state this is the self evident value and we have to stick the nose of.

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