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Am again. It feels like look move over game within a game. It's a dream with dream survivors back and And we're going to do it together. Truly dream a dream like inception dream within a dream now or we're gonna drive a van backwards into the ocean or something. It's so does you might not remember our usual way of doing stuff. So we do weekly podcasts on survivor. so we're going to be back next week and covering the two hour premiere of survivor. forty-one. I'm going to assume he covers to boots over the course of probably like the first three days or something so we're certainly going to have a lot to talk about. Yes eighty to be honest with recording very early on the weeks. So we haven't nailed down a guest yet but i'm assuming it's going to be somebody you love leon and i are going to be back. We're going to be playing. Some games are going to be having some fun with whoever it is and of course we want you all along for the ride with us. Come join our alliance if you want to send in a game to the being being you can. E mail us our hp bnb at gmail dot com. That's rha at the letter b. The letter n. The letter b. at Any and all games are welcome. And i sincerely mean that. If you have this stupidest shower idea for a game you've ever thought of in your life senate our way we will gobble it down. We are hungry. We are starving right now. Give us any morsel of food and we will absolutely devour and we hope to hear from you all season long as we get to have some fun with survivor coming back. This is going to be super exciting but until then liana. What else do you have. Going on in the podcast. Fear when it comes to reality tv. I you can follow me on twitter at liana r. h. a. p. we homa. Gosh what is even going on right. Now let's see we wrapped up drag race so drag race. All-star season six is done. That is in the books. So if you're looking for any coverage of that want to go back and revisit beth amman coverage for drag race. My sister and i are wrapping up coverage of lego. Master is a so season two is. I don't know when you're listening to this but it's finishing it could be And we're gonna be getting together. I think person record the podcast. Which will be extra hailing and then. Julia and i are ready to record a preview of the mass singer. All the costumes are out now. And so we're going to be getting to that in the next day or two and that should be out in your feeds and i've massingir feed or the reality of your app of and the mass cigarette. I believe it's premiering. The exact same night is survivor. Right the twenty second l. Yes so you know which one. I'll be watch boy. Yeah exactly. Hopefully it'll combine both. Yeah i'm gonna need at least the challenge to move or something because it's too much reality. Tv all at the same time. But i would be there for the crossover survivor massing. Our experience will now. This is interesting though. Because if you're talking about the game within a game that not the mass singer when they provide all those clues to people at home. I know that the judges are quote unquote playing along. But i feel like that's what that is just a much larger form of a rebus puzzle. You know what that's true and in this past season they did have clues that were only for the audience at home so very much. The game within the game yeah. Nobody's talking directly like god. Help us of. Kim jong looks down the camera i contact with me. I think my mind's gonna explode god. Yeah no not that. If we can avoid that i would. I would be Very grateful thank you fox so you can follow me at a mike bloom type. As i mentioned before i have a su- nami of survivor forty-one preseason coverage in case for some reason if you listen to this first before all that of course robin i did like a first reactions video. On the day of the cast came out. We did three podcasts. Covering the cast in its entirety. I have put out eighteen individual. Cast preseason interviews that got to do preseason. You really get to know these people besides what leon and i have been prattling on about. Go ahead and do that. You can check that out parade dot com also on parade of my big brother weekly exit interviews and also leon an air doing coverage of big brother. We just did a podcast. This past week with chantal francis recapping the past couple of weeks and we'll get back together in a couple of weeks when big brother finishes up. Is it feel weird. Liana this the first time in quite a while. That big brother has finished after survivor. And they don't pass the torch. Metaphorically speaking on the same night was going to say at least no one's drowning. But honestly i can't i can't speak to that. Yeah i keep getting confused if anything. It's just confusing for my own brain. Because in my head big brother and survivor starts no. It's a week overlapped but you know what my play runneth over when it comes to reality television so i can't complain all that much on that note. This circle is also out. They've been acting the circle. I am bringing you exit. Press with its contestants. Starting this week though should drop on wednesday alongside the episode. So once you finish the batch come check out what i have at parade dot com got some interviews with some eliminated contestants which provides a lot of intel behind everything so besides usual stuff going on with lost and the x. files. Maybe some other podcasts..

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