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It took a break and in the second half Alabama rallies in today's interest for thirty five to sixteen welcome back into our post game show what's presented by the metro tribute GMC dealers and we're gonna catch up here now with Josh Mattel's young man who really played well this season he's a great represented as is banned Radisson H. down the Michigan lockerroom with our dog collars dog hi Josh let's just start with your mouth filling in this locker room playing your last game can you kind of sum up your career it was great could I have any other way with guys know everything we did we did it together wanna lose I notice my brothers for life and I love them and he just said to go obviously this is a tough one talk about their passing game because they have an elite group of wide receivers it they they got a good passing game on they got four hours he was like a taken this is the any time and you know usually if you let me get one they'll take it so you know they just really dynamic bic play guys you know so that I was a game plan to just try to keep the funny as best you can game plan you know trying to limit the amount of big plays because we know we can play with them pop well you know so we try to limit the amount of big plays fourth quarter the defense was called on to make some stops you got to three and outs inside there all twenty talk a little bit about those sequences that help keep you in this game Regis deep is one to go out there fight the last sixty minutes you know the long game and before the game because brown told us that you wanted us to play the whole game no matter what happens you know which one of them just let us obviously you guys did a great job against the run they really didn't do much to their final drive talk about that game plan what was working you know everybody's been a gaps everybody's been aggressive you know it wasn't coming to be aggressive so we just automatic yeah hi final question talk about the future Michigan football you see these young guys and the guys got to replace the Josh Mattel's as on this roster what he thinks Max thing missing got got a good future ahead you know everybody all these young guys you know they want to learn you know they've been waiting for a turn off for like next year this seems the big things Josh thank your time thank you Josh and tell us back to you all right Doug thank you very much and thanks to Josh would tell us for joining us by the way update from the Rose Bowl after the lengthy twelve play seventy five yard drive from Oregon well Wisconsin took the kickoff for a touchdown Aaron Cruikshank ninety five yards they're deadlocked at seven with nine forty one to play in the first quarter we're back with more and looting it chat with Klay cuts in after this Wolverines fall to Alabama the citrus bowl thirty five sixteen you're listening to Michigan football.

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