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Um then they've got the guys up front with White and Labonte, David and J. P P and Shaggy Baris. They can get to the quarterback, so that's a pretty devastating combination. And they were able to do it yesterday. No question about it. They harassed Aaron Rodgers. Quite a bit in 1998. You guys were thoroughly dominant. The Denver Broncos were toying with undefeated season and you guys could throw you a deep threats. Rod Smith, etcetera. You could run t d in the thick of his prime. Your defense turned the football over quite a bit. You could get after the passer. You guys kind of had it all. So you know what you're seeing with the Kansas City Chiefs. What do you watching in terms of the level the cheese can execute at versus everybody else in the NFL. You know, it's just their ability. Um, to create explosive place, their offense, their ability, get five guys out, and you know and one hold up because it's hard to hold up When you get five guys out on a consistent basis to, um When they do break down their quarterback makes people miss and throws just off platform guys draped on his legs. They just ridiculous throws on day, so just any time that you are one play away from going 17 touchdown like every time they touched the ball, they've got that ability. And you know you make one or two mistakes and you're like, Oh, here we go again is a defense. So they have got that. I mean, obviously one of the most explosive dynamic offenses we've watched. And, um, and that's one of the things that set them apart. To be sure. Is there a quarterback from your playing days that you would compare Patrick Mahomes too? Um Yeah, it is. Just knowledge of the game is building make plays a mathlete with Elway who? When things broke down, he could make those throws and make those big time plays. Um he's kind of Brett Farve. Ask without all the turnovers. You know, he's got all that big time arm and That love and excitement and exuberance for the game, But he's kind of the best of both worlds. I mean, he's but he plays the game above the shoulders. He's super smart. He's got the unbelievable arm and obviously just could make whole all the throws and all the plays. Take me inside the huddle with John Elway when you're down for you get the football back with two minutes to play, because when I look at my homes He reminds me of only two other guys, maybe three, which is Montana, Brady. And maybe Elway, where you just didn't want to give them the football back in the last two minutes because you assumed you will lose that game. What was it like to have that guy and Elway in your huddle, which is I'm sure how the Chiefs feel in their huddle. Yeah. Any time. You know, Regardless of what the situation Wasp always walked in the huddle, and you just felt like we got him right where you want him? You know we could be down by 14. And it was just Very matter of fact, let's roll and there was just a confidence and you know that's what being a most valuable player or being one of the best players is elevates Everybody's play. And, um and I think that you know, I think that's what sets so guys apart. We're just talking a I got it. I got to tell you guys speaking of elevating everybody's plate, cause I gotta get this stuff in here. Uh, yeah. I was just gonna ask because we were talking about our our food coming into this segment. So I wanted to know about your food spread in your Super Bowl food spread right? So I've got four products for you. The TV experts agree. The big game's gonna be watched on a great TV LG Oh, it world champion. The TV stunning picture virtually Every detail visible. There's nothing better when it comes to watching the battle right. The sports battle the movie.

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