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The passing fancy lonzo ball by kevan artists the day after the lakers take lonzo ball with the second pick of june's draft lakers president magic johnson is holding court it's the usual news conference introducing a new prospect but this one projects a different tone this is johnson's first occasion as the star of the lakers next golden age the event takes place on the practice court at the teens old training facility the last relic of the kobe bryant era and it's here that johnson tells lonzo i'm going to put a little pressure on you right now magic points to the back of the gym where the uniforms of lakers legends his among them hang on the wall we expect a ball jersey hanging up there one day all right looking one part hostage one part valedictorian ball sits between johnson in lakers general manager rob pelinka who just the night before had declared lonzo a transcendent talent ball having foregone the traditional pressed sue in lieu of a black zip up big or brand hoodie crosses his arms on the dais as he receives these compliments passionately but respectfully as if he's in an hr session i ball replies with a faint smile johnson is here to introduce ball but what magic never a man to traffic an understatement has truly introduced are the lakers expectations lonzo ball will become a superstar part of the lakers lineage of hall of fame talents he will be a proper air to kobe bryant which johnson implicitly conveys the angelo russell was not around the nba there is an almost affectionate esteem for balls approached a basketball he is a 20yearold whose primary motivation in life is to find chances for teammates to score but went inside is are asked whether balkan meet the lakers.

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