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Here's how your portfolio has been affected over the past 20 years. Is this something you want to experience again? And it's almost always absolutely not. What can we do different to take this out of the table? And that's where Mike and I always talk about smart rest. We want to take as much risk As we need to take in order to accomplish their goals. So if you don't need to try to hit home runs, you don't need to see that 8 to 12% returns. They tell us the stock market does overtime every single year. Why take on any of that undue risk? Want to take a much more conservative approach? And just get that 456% steady returns year over year and the important thing to take away from that is that everybody situation is different. We take on the right amount of risk. To meet the goal. No undue risk. That's really what that portfolio X ray is all about, is sitting down and showing you what has happened to your portfolio over the years. In real numbers. How much risk you're taking? What of the fees you're taking? Can you be more effective in your investment choices and that all starts by give us a call. 866597 10 48 66597 10 40 appreciate that folks will give you a couple of minutes to call in and set that time up with Mike Annette and Ryan Herbert in the team at Pro Status. Financial Advisors grew because after that, you get you get a team to help you to and through. Retirement couple of minutes for you to call in then taxes are on the rise..

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