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Displayed on your television your computer your phone as of today zebras currently in the fourth year fiveyearcontract with the nfl as its official onfield player tracker provider since 2015 they had their sensors and repair or shoulder pads no link with receivers in all thirty one nfl staves these ties can determine every player's locale to within six inches transmitting eighty five times the second so if you're coaches quarterback is being pressured super tecnology will tell you when and where within milliseconds this past season the nfl started tracking their football's too and they opened the treasuretrove of new data up to the fans now it took a while for cheaper to get to the point where it was firing on all cylinders in the wake of that motorable motorola and our price deal see in late 2015 early 2016 we saw the stucco down big gigantic acquisition tartu digest company it's my personal slipups super started missing is fancy targets the point where analyst begin to worry about the company's debt load to borrow more than three billion dollars to make the steel happen and as two years ago this was only three billion dollars company don't like that but about half way through last year zebra got situation under control management started delivering some waited margin expansion paying down there in late 2016 they puerta new chief financial officer oliver lear nettie i know this guy is used to be a western digital reitegrated the gigantic sixteen billion are status acquisition demands solid says send the stock has been off like a rocket last year zebra managed to beat numbers quarter after quarter looking for ganic sales worth of three to six percent pretty high for any industrials to matrix celebration of course from less than 1 percent back two years ago memos zebra continue to expand its margins bolster its profit building mol we want no or cds fourthquarter numbers into later this month i'm sanguine right now a bet them why remember cevers a lot of exposure retail ecommerce and gyp it we know that a murky just had its first really good holiday season in years even before the fourth quarter things were going quite well but with an explosion of shopping over the holidays both online.

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