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And and I mean, come on. No, I I've seen too many things over the years. Great. They won the first game. Thank you. It's called a series. That would be spelled S E R I ES. It's a succession of games and the history teaches us that the dynamics of the playoffs never change that. There's a judgments and there's good gays and bit days. No. It was a good start. That's all a good start. Celtic fan should feel good. And I thought Brad Stevens hit it right on the head afterward. And he said, we know we we will have to be great Tuesday night. And we know that and I was the right thing to say though, Bob, I did not see in these playoffs and more surprising result than that one. And I didn't think there was a coaching strategy that could do that to onto. I didn't think they would succeed to that extent. Of course, not now last year we call now because he's better this year. But last year, they had a reasonable degree success as they beat Milwaukee and seven, and and they didn't know Horford Horford. Look, I reminded of when. Nate Thurmond was in his prime and someone wrote that when he came out to play against comedian Bill Jabbar. He brought his pro tractor and his in his, you know, and there's always equipment is mental equipment to to cut off angles and do stuff Al Horford may be the modern Nate Thurmond against the Colombo, but he alone can't do it. They had a great team effort. I expect the entered the Colombo the answer with a big game on Tuesday. But the Celtics are capable what we're seeing is what they are. Now who we thought they were they weren't all year. But they started to find themselves at the end of the year, you we can talk. If you wanna talk about why it was and what happened fine. But the fact is that the goal of every team in every sport is to be playing your best at the opportune moment when the playoffs come in. As it's exactly what they are doing it. Both ends of the floor. I don't want to talk about the wise. I wanna talk about your tweets. You have some splitting boon. Nine. He's my favorite follow odds. Witter act glow. Bob, Ryan or thirty nine eighty six. Roger Fleming case twenty Mariners. No need to elaborate elaborate Bob y'all elaborate..

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