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We're hearing more details about the prostitution charges against New England. Patriots owner Robert Kraft charging twenty five individuals with soliciting another to commit prostitution craft who's been issued a summons facing two misdemeanor counts for soliciting a prostitute and faces up to one year in prison as well. As possible finds a community service, central Florida law enforcement wants you to know you're going to pay a hefty school price or a hefty price. If you blow past a school bus troopers alone thirteen tickets that was this morning along Goldenrod in lake Underhill road is that first driver goes through then the rest of them continue. You have to be the one that stopped attended Kim Montas with HP says you're always required to stop. If you're traveling in the same direction as a school bus. We should not have this issue. If you're going in the opposite direction of the bus, you have to stop if there's just a traveling between you guys if there's a barrier between the travel lanes then you can proceed with caution. Gene Wexler, News ninety six point five WDBO Orlando's gas prices. Up about eight cents over the last week. Today's averages two thirty one for a gallon of regular and were hearing that it's gonna keep going up and by the time prices peak in April, or may we could be talking about average prices that are twenty to forty cents a gallon higher than where they stand today. Patrick, Don with gas buddy dot com says the main reason for the increase is the price of oil is up in some refineries are already switching to summer bled. Tony fifty cents higher potentially. It's already to thirty one. That is not exactly what we're looking for going into the summer. Kev, people that listen to us on a somewhat regular basis have probably heard how much you and I travel outside of work. Yes. You have sort of a second life in Jacksonville and another life in south Florida's second lifestyle. Well, you know, your personal. Yeah. Some personal happenings there. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we travel a lot, and I have a sports card that doesn't really get good mileage. I mean, I spent so much money on gas as it is. If it goes up more as definitely not good news. Yeah. No, not at all live trying to fill up once a week already. I don't need to be filling choice. I mean, you know, ten cents maybe fifteen cents couple more bucks. No big deal. But you're talking forty fifty cents a gallon. Heck, no, no, no way. All right, six oh, five.

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