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Doesn't he caught real leverage now at Spurs or ultimately, he's incredible leverage now for Real Madrid. We will say we will see what he does. But to be clan to some degree. It doesn't matter because the clubs problems under the ownership if the glazes of Tempa bay buccaneer fame, they go deeper than just a managerial fix at would hours depth as chief executive commercial maestro. Definitely. But a football braid knock, you know, they needed director football, but above all when you speak to people in the primarily, they talk about how you know, it's club culture alone in the Premier League is one in which the commercial department, not the footballing department. The commercial diploma. Is a diploma makes those big decisions the one who strikes the deals with the banks bears. The airlines, and yes, I crap you not the official potato snack par the official tractor engine in each sector across the world their influence on who the club should sign and play that has to be pushed back it has to be because it's because of them that the Manchester United squad that kids during game exquisite corpse is that what you call in America. Jay dubb's the game where you drool like ahead, and then fold the paper over and then someone else drills the neck, and then someone else drills the body and you put a sketch together blindly in different segments by different authors. That's the squad is different superstar signed by different manages at different times with different visions of how the club should play. That's how you get the complete lack of cohesive vision that we've seen Manchester United now say a Premier League with a mediocre, Manchester. United is is funny for many the premise is a lot worse off for the. Lack of a competitive Manchester United weekend, we care less word leave with the English journalist Bonnie Renou, you summed up the whole commercial Juergen and just the ridiculous surreal often thinking that United of unfilled over the past five years. Rene joked, Joe say sacking, huge massive social media numbers brand visibility through the roof. A great day for the whole company in other games. All hail Manchester City bounce back from their defeat against Chelsea by Tung kingpin, pinata Everton in the weekends seven thirty AM game. I thought the early birds meant to get the werm the only not meant to get it in the bloody face in the face. I said she had before this one Manchester City chasing the ball against Everton. They pre-match argument totally bizarre on with my brother Nijr Liverpool football club season ticket holder about just how well Everton would they in this game just before kick-off? A call me. It was so bonkers. My brother a Liverpool fan telling me trying to persuade me the Everton we're going to do. Well in the game. He thought they'd win. It may an evident fan assuring him. I knew full. Well, no knowledge, they will not and they didn't Everton lose again to a big sixteen. Sorry, big five team is very now in life. This is what from the game when you feel inferior as Everton. Do you let the confidence to step level when the opportunity presented self and the opportunity presented itself time and time again in front of cities goal evident didn't take you. But you think who may I'm not worthy. That's what when you feel inferior. That's how you approach life, and I was in life. So in football right now, forever football club. I'll just say I love waking up at seven AM on a Saturday. Just to watch you entire world fall apart. Thanks for ten and other games. Ask those twenty two much beaten run came to an end. I can't Southampton. Oh, it was lovely. It was so many. Arsenal funds over into the story. Route to us that they didn't want to publicly so I guess us into the story to communicate this they annoyed the twenty two match unbeaten runs come to an end. Glad I am glad for the start of the season. But even they thought happy for Southampton and in particular, new manager Ralph rabbit, her ch- dance with joy, the final whistle either..

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