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That was started scared to fail with rather. You tried even though I knew was a dog with fleas when you brought it to me I knew it was a dog with lease. But who fucking fuck tell you that. I think everything's a dog with lease. You know, you bring that's an idea our about vestments the dog with lease. You know, I just know what I know what I can help you with. So when you come to me with something that's not in my field. How can I judge it? You know, people always ask me. Why don't I judge killed Tony? I love Tony inch. I love Brian allege judge other kinds hard time with comic, he sucks. You know? Why is that's his dream? You sucking carpentry. That's. No, you ain't got. Not taking pictures. Right. I'm not worried about that. But when you come to me, and you go, hey, man, I talked in private, you know, my dream is to photograph Led Zeppelin, even though they're dead. I wanna photograph bands of that caliber, you know, how can I look in the eye or your dog, Affi sucks? Anything about photography. How do I know what you're Icees? I do know one thing. I don't fall five people take pictures of me on the constant level. And I know another three or four people that paid big money to take pictures of me. And nobody takes it better picture them. You Felicia Michaels or the guy from the store Choi juicy we sent this the next day. Now, I see I think he sent the the check. You see the headshots Troy into I go great. I got him. You're on stage choice the best of what he does. And I've had people pay people years ago to come into the store and pictures that you looking good. I mean, listen, I know I looked like carbon months, but you've gotta fee, I should take that. He added we this away and show them that one piece of beauty. But the point being who are you to tell that guy that he's no good, right? Because you never know that he might be perfect for some job out there. It's not that. I don't like flocking what people's dream. I fuck what you wanna be a dumb gamble. That's not a dream. All people confuse a dream with Hoppy, a dream of something that you feel deep in your boss that why you working at the DMV. Eight yourself, but you hate life, and you're frustrated because you're not doing what you wanna do. That's a dream. And you know that you dream. I you're not gonna make no money. I mean, my dream is to hang pictures up of athletes in fucking museum. And that people come by the why remember this game? Remember this? I got a great picture from garden shack of gins. Sid the squid the Sports Illustrated cover he said to me for Christmas dropped at the store. You know, I I would love to put a space together just to show art different Munt every month, the different people sports, art Huber Mont Armenian month. You know, like just I like the dog iffy. I don't know nothing about really. Yeah. I don't know about it. But if I did like, a Chinese art Monte brought a Buddha and a couple of picks to China coupled picks Chinese. People doing karate. Don't give a fuck. I love to do something like that. I just don't know how they even start. Do you charge? The painter for wall space because you know, thousand people gonna come through there every day. I don't know how to start. I love all that type of shit. But that would be a dream of mine that's a dream when I was a kid I used to work with flowers. Do you guys know that no one of your mom own part of them stepfather when he got out he bought into a flower thing. And I gotta tell you, man. That's a great business. Yeah. I don't know what the cost of flowers. Right. I can't imagine what they are. Now, all I know is every year, I see rose sales around balance Jesus Christ people fucking thieves, you did he assortment you..

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