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What they're saying here in this article, one of the places here is saying that the alt wall law aims to wages a cultural war against western modernity through its most contaminating intrusion feminism on an authentic Islamic tradition that has remained undeterred. Okay, so they made up this term called well lowered their grouping everyone into anyone who speaks against feminism. And so but what is the authentic Islamic tradition that the world deploys? Subscribe to a form of decline in one which accepts Lewis's diagnosis of a crisis within Islam. The nodes of declinism has illustrated by fundamentalist declining and old Walla subgroupings will thus help us to delineate what authentic Islamic tradition and their relation. What is Islamic authentic tradition and their relationship to it. So I'll tell you, that's mumble jumble for basically this. That we, anyone who's against feminism or make the primary target or talk about a lot, it's part of our world. And while there's pretty much a bunch of people who subscribe to the idea that Islam is in decline because of western modernity and people are moving away from the rigid traditional orthodoxy of Islam and to therefore survive an idea that Islam is declining and we have to be the Vanguard and protect it because essentially staying there if there was no modernity or learning these values, these groups wouldn't exist. We were essentially just have nothing to fight about. We find something else. The point, but here the problem with this argumentation. First of all, we know from the belief. No, other than the visual a lot, to learn that Muslims will be in decline. We know that. There's a hadith about that. It's not some kind of it's not a figment of our imagination. Most of them. We know if you know anything about the history of Islam, we know that from the time of our moderator, and he was the door between the ummah and fitness. And from that time, we've been in perpetual fitness. Islamic empires, and we struggled and strived. We fought one another, but we always preserve some semblance of unity in terms of maybe even symbolically we had it. But the hadith is even more true now about nation gathering around the Muslim there were hungry competitors around a plate of meat essentially. This is what is that symbolizing. It means that there are that the state of the Umayyad decline will helpless and or weakness. When weaklings, essentially, in this point, right? And what's the hate to mention about the scum of the ubiquitous earth? The scum on top of the floating above the water. And this is what it is. And what if what are the theme? People quoted hadith and don't really talk about the other headache that mentioned around it. Men behaving like women, right? Women also disobeying their husbands. Fathers and the children who are boxing around their parents. Miss just giving birth to her master. Things like this cheating on the scales. What are the morava? Things you, everything you are a huge transacting with the affected by river. You wouldn't even know like holding your dean is like holding a hot piece of coal, right? The email is like this.

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