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The access you doing? Hardy Chevrolet Newsroom. I'm Kimberly Sizemore. Call County Government officials have no comment on an article published in The Wall Street Journal Wednesday that claims a hacker has released some county election information. W D wins Mitch Clark reports the RANSOMWARE attack Shutdown Hall County email and phone service earlier this month. County officials said at the time, they found no evidence that citizen or employee data had been compromised, The newspaper report says. The hacker posted files to a website on Tuesday because Hall County has refused to pay a ransom, The report says most of the files are related to the election. And most contained public information. However, it appears some voters. Social Security numbers were released by the hacker. The initial breach of the county system happened just a few days prior to the start of Georgia's early voting period, all over Georgia. Poll workers have been training for Election Day on Tuesday, and that includes about 600 Hall. County County spokesman Brian Stewart says voters can make the process easier for those poll workers and for themselves. I bringing proper I d and by remembering some basics, such as no campaigning at the precinct that includes what you wear to the polls. If you have a T shirt, a ball cap a button of your favorite candidate. Just don't wear it to the polls. You can wear it anywhere else you want on Election day that your your right as an American, But when you go to the polls, there is no campaigning allowed. And speaking of campaigning President Trump is returning to Georgia one final time before Election Day, his campaign says Trump will host a rally in Rome on Sunday. Joe Biden made two stops in the state earlier this week. The latest polls show Georgia's too close to call. There's more news on access Wdun. And.

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