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Of us do not have power tom is in mandeville under jersey one award 05 hatab how are you good how are you a um the reason why ccp and now it's taken so long is because they just won't do want the deal one the government called monsters hey let's just before how with tickets on the news stop culprits the money paid for died come in here that's why they don't call ahead we should debate guys you could mean here the we're paying electric bills day should be paying the guys community or we should be thrown their s added he and get somebody else but they don't want to cough up the extra money in a band lovely wife say want the government who uh it which is absolutely ridiculous now they should have this autumn kwy beforehand passionately get now i mean why why is when something happens in new jersey they had to get people from ohio and west virginia drive in hello is at take and then they gotta get acclimated with what's going on and then they go up to paul there's plenty of people could goodwill electrical worker kurt hiete begin work i've worked and why they're not gonna i don't understand that either i don't understand that either but they gotta do something top thanks for the call to new jersey wanna 15 only said another thing get some human beings on the phones because you know you've got a lot of very upset i rate people calling wanting to know what's going on get some human beings give them some answers approximations anything here's what's going on here what we need to do instead of a voicemail hell one.

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