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Smile on her face yeah she's fantastic and twenty one years meant you really she's like you know I mean what's been at the park is consistently is right now Larry bearer type that's a good looking guy that's it yeah you can type in right now yeah that's right customer from the clubhouse to being yeah and I'm reading the maze book by the way to Mars Willie's birthday and John she's become Lamaze's greatest brings you back all over again and you talk about people like Grinnell got you know crew kite but mean all they're just like suddenly faced with not going to the ballpark after going to the ballpark every day for decades literally like you think about Murphy right now to what he must be climbing the walls like what do I like he's hanging out with his dog going like where's crosswords belts where my guys you know what I mean is peaking of cross did you see his latest bracket no it is most popular current giant and I have to say this with all due respect to the great Brandon Crawford two time World Series champion Mr Porter he's unable to see how he sees himself here what like what it was you know I got it what what the bracket does is drive home how bad the twenty twenty giants are always feels all going so well no high and also more back in the quagmire so here's what he did one seed buster Posey another one see this Pablo Sandoval the two overall seed ma'am he gave himself the three overall see he's a one C. well actually and then Brandon belt as the fourth one seat yeah the two seeds are Evan Longoria Johnny Cueto Jeff some margin hunter pence and then from there due to a precipitous drop precipitous drop off the three seeds are Austin Slater Tony Watson ray Esperanza and Steven Tucker sure sure so just give me an example buster Posey beats Wandy Peralta in the first round Tyler Beatty beach Trevor got in this in the first round then buster beats BT to get to the Sweet Sixteen and in the bracket right below him Mauricio dupont beats Austin Slater Evan Longoria beats yon del Gustav a do that's right young del Gustav a yeah and then in the dupont Longoria match up long ago advances really resting yes as a show buster faces long ago now in the two to four in the elite eight and then Brandon belt beats him Salman in his met Sam Solomon yeah I think and Salman he faces Andrew Suarez who knocked off Armos Garcia noon I'm into it I mean come on they would be doing here and it's going to be designed built beats forest to the elite eight and then in this other bracket and then I know we gotta get out here but just Steven Duggar goes up against talented Alex Dickerson and the Dick advances Hey and then governor pence defeats Logan Webb and then in a Dick Penn showdown pence advances yeah one one half of the bracket you have buster against Longoria and belt against pants in the elite eight some just to give you a taste of dystonia the other side of the bracket it's Pablo against Cueto and Crawford against Marcia well it's only a matter of time before he turns the tables on the city's about your brand Crawford because you know he does he's got that sneaky sense of humor and he's local he's around so you might you listen in and he's gonna come morning was gonna be like okay funny guys here's my new bracket we're gonna do bay area media voices yeah you're going to I'll tell you it's a matter of time and you're going to see Polly Mack is like what a twelve seed you know like yeah PolyMet going down the first rounds it's at what you know is going to be me I tell you right now due to the one scene of a Mardi Laurie who is that with the RAF of Laurie when he gets me in Croatia yeah totally totally thought to exist you are so right the wait is over and be like the way Jordan destroyed co coach at the Olympics it's gonna be me on the mac as same kind of bleeding so there you go all right when we get back into the cooler on the other side some fun stuff I can't be R. one O. four five.

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