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Although I think that all music is political. I've not political at my shows because I think that is it is, there's a gathering power to it, and it's really about feelings, and you bring people in music. When you listen to it in groups people feel things, and they, they come up and they have this sense of collective Geeling. However. If you ask me to play at benefit and you say it's not affiliated with the RMC and I asked twice. And then I find out that musicians on call, which is a group that I support and I've volunteered for the past mrS caused great, we go to hospitals, and we bring music to the bedside of. Wow. Very simple thing, and it's just it's, it's, it's beautiful every time Stephen, what a pleasure to meet you. I, I'm out of time, but I can also world tour tomorrow at the Greek theater right here in Los Angeles. It's thirty city tour. I know I know you are not shy for happy hour podcast. I think when you're back in town and August podcast. I'll do it. Still it, man. Tip tip a you. And really go off. Yeah. Stephen. Thanks so much. Best of luck with the tour. Thanks for all the big stuff, you're doing for so many people do that you're doing your show. Stephanie, I really I enjoy it. Thank you doing do good in that. You do keep doing that thing. You do. Thank you. Steven. All right. Stephen. Owes which which one did we come back with charm life? I love it. You notice when he talks about surfing. He sounds like. Oh, yeah. There's that moment where the wave just like.

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