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6 16 in the top 7 and again, we can kind of like split hairs on if these guys are really the lead guards are not but Ben Simmons, Christine, buddy hill, Jamal Murray, then in 2015 we had D'angelo Russell, made a moody a year before Alfred prayed in one tenth. So anyway, just like rifling off those names because I'm looking at it and I'm scrolling through your mock and I'm looking through my notes. And I'm like, I don't know who the guy is. I had, I did the paw with Andrew and Alex the other day and they're like, do you take a job rant could you come up, I'm sorry, not traumatic cheese. Jane ivy could become a point guard in that mold. I said, I don't know, but it's an interesting question because we've talked about it is Tati Washington, the first guard off the board, like I just need a little help here if I'm going as crazy as you are. This is a this is a really good question. I would say that going into the draft. Let's say, you know, I did not necessarily think of Ben Simmons as like a quote unquote point guard even like coming into that class. So let's take him off the board. Take him off. Your body's not a point guard. It was Christ on it was Jamal Murray. Wade Baldwin. Had some steam. Like, to me, a little bit later. Yeah, the 2016 group is the one. Like that, that's the one that's really bad. If you take Ben Simmons off the board. Even 2015, like there was a lot of steam behind D'angelo Russell. There was a lot of steam behind Emmanuel moody as well, like people thought they could be a top 5 pick. So I understand what you're saying. And I think that it's not wrong because then you go down, campaign. I had campaign like in the 20s. Terry Rozier would go 16. I had him in the 20s. Jaron grant, delon Wright, tyus Jones, but like we're getting into like non lottery guards, which is not the crux of your question. Is this the worst? Now I'd say like the handful of guys. Tai Tai Washington, Kennedy Chandler who's talked about JD Davidson, Sean Montero, do you count him? Do you count? I would for what it's worth. I would put Jaden ivy in this conversation. See, if you put you in, I mean, there I think it changes it just a little bit. Not a ton, but doesn't make it as the bottom falls off. Do you count usman dang? Like probably not, but no, he's not a point. He's the they're not even the breakers aren't. A little bit better than it could be. If you include ivy, I still think it's the darkest it's been in 5 years anyway. Yeah, if you don't include ivy, it's definitely a fact. If you include IV, so you definitely don't include Jaden hardy, is like a combo like point shooting car. Ceasefire. Yeah. Yeah, I mean Jayden's firing that thing toward the rim. And it'll go a little bit more of the time. If you're lucky. So the names that I'll consider here to answer this question. I will consider ivy. Because I think that he is going to play point. I mean, we have talked about how much better his distribution skills have gotten. Yeah. I think long term he's going to be a point. Thai Thai Washington. Do we count dice and Daniels who's playing point for the elite right? Legally. Yeah, good point. Sure. Throw them in there. Not so throw them in there. Jean Montero may be Kennedy Chandler, maybe JD Davison, although another guy that I think has been a bit underwhelming..

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