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So I have a feeling some sort of mandate if they're going to play Is gonna happen. One other story I wanted to get to and and this was big late in the week. The Ivy League said no fall Sports Harvard Yale etcetera. While the Patriot League Has joined the Ivy League. Hunting on football. Another fall sports because of the pandemic, while holding out hope games could be made up. Patriot League said it's 10 divisional on schools will not compete in any fall sports, which include football, men's and women's soccer, women's volleyball and field hockey. Council president said the league will consider making up those seasons in the winter and spring. If possible. The conference, mostly comprised of private schools located in the Northeast, but offer limited athletic scholarships. So there you go. Army and Navy, by the way, our Patriot League members but not in football. So the Patriot League competes in division one second tier college football. You have C s, like the Ivy League. And of course, F C s is the division that North Dakota state. Has dominated now seems like forever. So there you go, the Patriot League and we're going to hear MME or the way it sounds from the icy later this week, and Carlton Said they will not participate in fall Sports Carlton College in Northfield. And now the sea is going to take a look. And apparently, meetings are scheduled this week, and we should know more later in the week and will certainly have that covered here. A news talkie 30 W. C. C. O But ah, lot of concern about Ivy League was the first remember in March, where they said We're going to suspend our tournament were done on. We're not playing spring sports. They were really the first of any of the conferences at any level. That just said Yeah, we're done. Um, this is scary. Uh, we're not gonna move forward, and ultimately everybody else followed suit in collegiate sports. So there you go. More more news on that front. It is 7 30 hearing news Talk a 30 wcc. Sorry we weren't able to connect with Cheryl Reeve, Lynx head coach and general manager. Apparently, they had a day off from training camp today down in breeding in Florida. And that we do know the lengths will open of the 2020 season on July 26 versus Connecticut. And, of course, the entire WNBA's season will take place at the I Am G Academy. In Bradenton, Florida and is the league's 24 season and the lengths are going to be on television a ton of this season down in Florida. I'll take a quick break. We'll have an update on the weather, and then we'll talk off. Troy Marriage joins us He is in Dublin, Ohio, for the second tournament had mirror Field Village lt it up on Thursday in the memorial. Tiger Woods is expected to be there. Try Merritt coming up here on news talk, E 30 W cco sports to the max. Now, Urbano Right.

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