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For real sat the belt kicks y swaying in the best out of the wave of slider at a strikeout others tool away no that's immature and execution of the pitch right there barre that breaking ball jason castro you talked about it just a tremendous job of how he's able to block ball smother them keep them close when he got that barehanded forearm into that block right there to make sure that gary sanchez is not going anywhere studio manage sacked him real strata pitcher around a leadoff double by gary santa cruz the offering down to a lefthanded occurred and that once high greg worked a walk his first time on the season hit one ninety nine overs 2008 not gin but started to get his legs literally and figuratively for 100 swinging abyss turned you talked about last year missing no tire season with the shoulder surgery this is a guy you go back a couple of years ago where the yankees felt comfortable with mark to share retiring because they were going to be in good hands over their first space for these is the been on a hiatus last to cease its good having backed bill for the yankees now one one is outside three fourteen to write this crisis tailormade for hair and i know where both believers in this guy matt holliday at spring training gave the cop but this is a pretty good complement freddie rayner the real sat the bill the to want outside revolves in a strike it really does demonstrate really good dialed each of the strike zone straightaway stance on that left side sanchez you expect it to get out we want all the way william wyler and they're gonna said said throughout of the play coppola chances greg per deliver and it's a five four lead huge pick up with two down for the yankees to go off with two outs sat allow gary sanchez to have a real aggressive secondary going on contact not normal that you would see a below average runner as a catcher scoring from secular the pretty good right you're out there kepler bought under the circumstances it works out perfectly for the yankees us extra steps made it easy for such as the cruise across the plate it also for kepler the kind of shut down make sure i keep micro down in the.

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