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I'd love to see a player run out with his cap on backwards. Let's do it and you know the ken griffey junior there were people who want to see him with backwards cap on his hall of fame plaque such a signature. Get your thing but a help or excuse me heck for players weekend. <hes> you know individuality is is going to be the thing here so much splits in jacksonville. You know some personality into the whole thing yeah and todd. Let's bring marketing into it of new era. I mean that only draw attention to their caps right. I mean i mean that wouldn't they go into the mantle of any publicity is good publicity. Nuclear would probably like the players to run out with the big sticker on the brim to but i don't think that's going to happen all right. Let's get to this week's quiz all right guys here. We go <hes>. I have a stadium question. It's not an a._b._c._d. So here we we go name the only current m._l._b. Stadium that made its debut in the eighties. I have a tiebreaker the only current m._l._b. be stadium that made it debut in the eighties. Wow trae want to go first on that one. Oh my gosh <hes> made its debut in the eighty and i think this one's a little tricky and i'm kind of. I'm kind of excited about it so anyway go ahead. Troy is pretty sure i got it is is it and i don't even know if it's called. It's roger center right the skydome. Is it that one toronto yeah that's it. That's the one all right. Here's a tiebreaker. I break because we didn't get it. You know it's it's roger center in toronto nineteen. Okay good okay. I thought for a segue both missed it okay but go ahead sorry name the only current m._l._b. Stadium made its debut in the seventies boy. What do you mean i go. You're the one i i just went you go. Let's see here in the seventies in the seventies in the seventies boy. Oh boy oh boy <hes>. Let me see here just off the i'm just running through the teams in the back of my mind which team it could be <hes> seventies seventies seventies. Gosh you know what troy dino it. Are you locked in on oh. I guess yeah it's the ballpark in kansas city. I'm gonna guess miller park. Wow i win. One blustered correct kansas city royals stadium. Whatever you wanna call it nineteen seventy-three. Yes yeah i listen to that all star game nineteen seventy-three when they had the first one there and this this is where todd being older really paid off because they're not miller park was like hundreds of years later already thinking troy. I don't know i'm surprised i pulled out the rogers center. Well all right. We're going to have a youth. Centric question found the whole thing out then i now now when we when we say when we say the seventies for troy that's like the mesozoic here the answer that question all right todd before you go. I know you had a great experience in texas over the weekend. I did a personal milestone which i'll have to get back on next year so yesterday i went to see the rangers and twins and arlington <hes> big shout out to <hes> alex and to crystal into raw that the rangers and the club for their hospitality so i have now seen games all thirty current m._l._b. Parks plus twenty two defunct m._l._b. parks <hes>. It was good experience. It was about <hes> one hundred thirty eight degrees but <hes> <hes> everything's bigger down here in texas and it was really fun only the rangers. That's what i like to hear todd. Yeah check the box. I mentioned your name off. Yes love that very nice you you check the box you went to the ballpark and i'm sure after you went there and sat in that <hes> that he that you agree with the idea idea of having a new ballpark. It is going to be spectacular. It's going to be air conditioned <hes> yes. I'm gonna go back exactly a year from now and i will not the worst my waiting sweat and hopefully i bring the club better luck. We'll see what happens all right well. I'll talk to you next week all right guys. Thanks a lot leisure tweets k plus. We got some bleach tweets here on this monday. The first one comes from austin claire air at big red one zero four four

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